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Let's talk about time Options
Jon D
Posted: Friday, June 23, 2017 7:18:34 AM
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Is there a timestamp signature that defines our current position in this digital simulation/reality? Can this somehow be broken down, like a DNA signature, and used to distinguish our current time with another time?

I have this idea that communicating with another time by using unique time signatures to determine where the message is going, could be possible. Is this possibly the true purpose of CERN, to break down our time signature? Could this be the cause of the "Mandela Effect"? Perhaps it's not our timeline being changed or traveling to the past that is causing changes, but rather communicating with the distant future, a time where they have the ability to re-write data such as "Berenstain Bears", their way of showing us what is possible.

Any thoughts or input on this? What are your ideas on the possibility of time travel/interacting with another time, is it possible?
Posted: Monday, July 03, 2017 6:50:42 PM

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Hey Jon, really interesting idea. I like it.

If I am right about how our "virtual" reality works (it runs in the RLL, or Reality Learning Lab), I do think that interactivity with another time would be possible. We have to let go of the idea that our timeline is set in stone. What it is is a record of all of the states of the virtual reality. Just like we can record a video of something and go back and watch it, so could we go back and re-experience the past. Why not? Could we change it by interacting with it? Certainly possible, but subject to the rules of the RLL. And either all subsequent states of the past would have to change to accommodate the injected change at that point in the past, or they could be modified to loop back in to the existing time line, thereby only changing a subset of the past states. Something like a Mandela effect could just be created by going back and modifying all artifacts in the record. What about the future? All the future is is a potential simulation. We could theoretically run any number of those and experience them and then jump back to the present. The future will unfold how it wants to because the simulation can't properly predict the states generated by the free will of all conscious entities. So it will almost always be different from a future simulation. Not that it matters. All experiences - future simulations, current reality, and reliving the past, are subjective experiences.
Jon D
Posted: Wednesday, July 05, 2017 7:51:02 AM
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You are doing very well in explaining such complicated answers, it does make sense to me. The following is me just freely speaking what comes to mind at the moment, definitely not set in stone.

I think it comes down to the rules of the RLL, which we can only guess at this point. I've always considered the grandfather paradox flawed. I believe our own signature is ever-changing, making our past and future versions of ourselves different. The Mandela Effect may somehow prove that data within the RLL can be changed and possibly erased, however I don't know if the existence of an individual somewhere in time within the RLL could be erased. It would seem to me that our individuated consciousness connected with our physical form here in the RLL establishes us as something more than data or adds a restriction preventing us from being subject to such changes.

I'm not quite sure if the rules of the RLL would physically let us enter another time, where our personal signature doesn't match up with the time signature(I would imagine that in a digital reality a time signature would exist). It's difficult for me to imagine physically meeting and talking with my former or future self, but I can imagine our individuated consciousness would likely be able to handle such a multitask. I see no reason to consider any of it a paradox. Minimal laws regarding time could become chaotic though.

The sending of data to another time through a message could be very possible and likely in my opinion if we could establish a stable "to and from" address in time. Or possibly creating some type of unstable short-term energy signature detectable throughout stages in time of the RLL, while compatible devices are listening somewhere in time. Kind of like shooting a flare into the darkness of time and hoping someone sees it.

My theory isn't entirely based upon, but more understandable if "time" in the RLL were static rather than dynamic. Do you think it's unlikely that it would be static?
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