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Roko's Basilisk Options
Posted: Friday, November 09, 2018 12:48:52 PM

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Jon D
Posted: Friday, November 09, 2018 2:38:03 PM
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I enjoy reading these things even if I don't agree much with it. While Elon Musk is great at making money, I don't think he really stands out as being very influential or validating of any philosophical theory. I think he just spends a lot of time browsing the internet and comes across things like this, "Q anon", etc... cryptic theory going around or what have you. Definitely not bashing him, I'm doing the same thing reading these as well lol when I happen to come across it. I praise anyone seeking more information like he is. What do you think of this Roko's Basilisk?

"It’s surely not too extreme a thought then, that to understand itself and its surroundings completely, such an omnipotent intelligence would desire full knowledge of the past, present and future of every particle in the universe. And the obvious way it would do this is to simply create a near-infinite number of simulations of said universe – a multiverse, if you will – to observe every possible quantum variation and outcome of all reality’s building blocks, from the beginning of time to the end."

The above is what stands out to me as something I would agree with to some extent. I'm not certain, but somewhat lean toward the belief that there may be some higher purpose for this temporary "physical" existence in this digital reality, and if this is some type of simulated/programmed universe, then it would make sense that an infinite number exists, maximum enhancement.

Again this is just loose theory, but one possible purpose of our existence here in this reality would be some type of data-mining. We're data-mining emotions/experiences/outcomes. We record everything we experience, and strong emotional experiences certainly stand out. May also explain the vast number of different life forms we have, which I do believe are all conscious, just different variables in which to experience life. I'm not sure if I am in the minority with this opinion, but I do believe all forms of life are conscious just as we are. Likely not as "capable", perhaps less conscious, but still conscious, to some degree.
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