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Jon D
Posted: Tuesday, December 04, 2018 8:52:28 AM
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jdlaw wrote:

I also do not want to be improperly steered by the false scammers who just want us to send our money in for Taro Card readings or something. I would rather we simply explore what is happening and come to our own conclusions. That said, I don't see what harm can come of talking about it in here. Jim's website has been fairly under the radar and historically a pretty safe place for online (public) discussion without the ad web crawlers latching on. I have spoken to Jim on the phone (a few years ago). He is a really down to earth kind of guy. I have just a few short comments (for now) on the questions/comments in your above post to which I have added question numbers:

1. There is the "Frequency" of how many nights we experience and remember the vibration AND the "Frequency" as in beats per minute.

2. I have been back and forth with the notion that this is somehow related to sleep apnea, which is a common condition many people get later in life which can cause of a lack of oxygen and then "micro seizures." People who have seizures (like from epilepsy etc) often report that they remember them. But I am not buying into that theory because part of my routine when they (vibrations) happen (and I am lucid - i.e. aware that it is happening) there is a mental cue I have given myself to "just breath." As a result, lately,, I have been able to be very "conscious" of my breathing("kind of" ... because by definition "uncounsious" - but you know - "lucid") . In other words, I am both vibrating and very aware that I am taking deep breaths during this dream state.

3. I too have been simply aware. I do not go through any rituals or preparation. I simply get the vibrations and they are too strong and in such perfect frequency (as in beats per second) to be some "dream" anomoly. In other words, I am completely convinced thay are teally happening on not just some reoccring dream.

4. What happens when we sleep has been a big question for philosophers and scientists for as long as mankind has been around.

5. I also see no need to get weighed down by "lucid dreaming" techniques or anything - though I have read somewhat about it on the internet.

6. Could this be some kind of "age of aquarius" kind of thing where lots of people are having this?

Regarding #6 - I think the biggest factor here is this is the age of the internet. The ability to corroborate this with you and others around the world is why I didn't dismiss the vibration. Once I recognized it's there and it's real, it became more frequent. I think the power of the internet and what it may enable for us is worthy of another discussion of it's own. It's as if we reached a milestone that has mysteries waiting for us to be unlocked. Another example would be the Mandela Effect, something that we would never have been able to recognize without the internet's ability to corroborate findings instantaneously. I really believe the "vibration" is part of something much larger that has always been a human ability, and for whatever reason it has been suppressed and forgotten. There' just "more" to all of this.

Posted: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 1:51:07 PM

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I think this is one of my favorite threads!

My 2 cents on some of this stuff…

Regarding #6 - I think the biggest factor here is this is the age of the internet.

I love the idea of the age of the internet. It certainly has had the power to bring together common ideas and support.

It got me thinking about Spiral Dynamics - anybody familiar with it? It is a model, developed by a psychology professor and researcher named Clare Grave, that models human evolution - not just how we have evolved throughout history, but also how individuals evolve, as well as teams, or organizations. It examines worldviews, or systems of thinking and identifies 8 stages. For example, at the bottom of the hierarchy is the (Beige) survivalist meme, characterized by “do what you must to stay alive”, followed by Purple (magical, animistic - think Druids), Red (egocentric, conquering mentality), Blue (authoritarian), Orange (achievist, corresponding to industrialization), Green (egalitarian - think Green Party), Yellow (integrative), and finally, Turquoise (holistic). The characteristics of Turquoise are:
- The world is a single, dynamic organism with its own collective mind
- Self is both distinct and a blended part of a larger, compassionate whole
- Everything connects to everything else in ecological alignments
- Energy and information permeate the Earth’s total environment
- Holistic, intuitive thinking and cooperative actions are to be expected

The idea of moving into a different worldview resonates with me. It doesn’t happen all at once; nor doesn’t it happen simultaneously everywhere. In fact, in his model there are “unfolding, emergent, spiraling processes” as we move between systems. Just food for thought, there.

IMHO, what’s happening is this… In our waking state, our awareness is squarely in the “apparent physical reality” which is really the virtual learning system, RLL (see image). The seat of our consciousness is elsewhere, in ATTI, at a different level of reality, but our mind is busy processing daily business, aka monkey chatter. When we meditate, use certain supplements, do ritualistic dance, or whatever, we are able to silent the monkey chatter and allow our awareness to move back into ATTI, where our individuated consciousness is. This is the realm of dreams, OBE’s, lucid dreams, etc. I don’t think there is really much difference between a lucid dream and an OBE - in both cases, you are aware of your state and your level of control in that state and not fooled into believing that you are in a fantasy (dream) or apparent physical reality (waking state). However it is that you get there, you have now created a mental muscle. As you exercise that muscle by entering the state over and over, it gets stronger and easier to achieve. It’s like neuroplasticity - I think of it like a groove on a record - your consciousness is digging a pattern or groove that makes it easier and easier to both pop into that level of reality, as well as being open to the other experiences that can happen there (UFO sightings, telepathy, etc.).

The vibration is just something that happens when you move from RLL to the deeper state. I suppose the flaw in this logic is that if the vibration only happens with OBEs and not lucid dreams, then maybe there is some difference between the two.

Posted: Thursday, December 06, 2018 6:11:54 PM

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Ahh! Now we are back into consciousness. I love this. I have to quote myself again (from non-virtual).

Descartes, "I think therefore I am" is more correctly, "I think therefore I might become." For some strange and wonderful reason, the single dynamic "whole organism" would like to see "we the individual players" truly achieve awareness. Our base personalities have been specifically "written" (coded) for this experience as a sort of "test" to see if an "aware' individual can come to understand the "whole" and actually commune with the"whole." Thus the whole will not be so lonely if individuals can be "created."

The vibrations seem to be the connection o the higher self.
Jon D
Posted: Friday, December 07, 2018 1:51:38 PM
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I've never heard of Spiral Dynamics, going to have to look at that.

I think the vibration is most definitely some kind of connection with the higher self/deeper state.

Which way does it go? (going by Jim's wording of RLL/deeper state)When the vibration occurs do we move here from the RLL into the deeper state, or does the deeper state interact down into us here in the RLL?

I did experience the vibration again last night, strong but very briefly and this occurred instantaneously as I awoke from a very vivid dream. What's notably strange about my dreams recently is I seem to be recalling them with very clear detail now, and while I'm dreaming my memory is intersecting with this reality and what seems to be other realties. For instance here in real life I ran into someone I knew a long time ago the other day. In my dream last night I was telling someone about it, and I mentioned the place I had ran into him, but also spoke of running into him again at another place which didn't happen in this reality. This is becoming a common occurrence in my dreams lately. I'm able to recall RLL memory in my dreams, but it's mixed with other memories that seem just as real.

The most frustrating thing is I'm still getting a lot of daily life monkey chatter spilling into my dreams, creating very mundane dreams recently.

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