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universe: dodecahedron holographic soccer ball ? Options
Posted: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 7:23:11 PM

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You know Freemasons created soccer game out of rugby. The rubber ball looks like a sphere (or is it a dodecahedron?) and that number 11 players against 11 invites or stimulates the thought.

The players of Mayan Pok-Ta-Pok wore a sort of “fencing helmet” and a rubber ball weighing up to 10 pounds. The heavy ball was kept in play by being bounced off players' hips, knees, arms, buttocks, or heads, though playing the ball off one's face was not encouraged, as ten pounds of solid rubber could do considerable damage to an unwary nose. The rules of the game which do not allow the use of hands. Losers were decapitated or had their hearts removed. Besides the ball, there is the "Six-Stair-place". This place of six stairs is central to the metaphor of the game. That is what the vignettes are saying, even though definitions of the glyphs at each step are not available. But, the ball and the six steps are all we need to connect the metaphor of the ball game to the experience of life on earth, or in the cosmos.

Some, including Jenkins, associate the movement of the vernal equinox with the ball game. This association is undoubtedly part of the metaphor of the game. But, the Mayanologists avoid the meaning of the six steps. This inability to identify the number of steps with the metaphor also afflicts Egyptologists and archaeologists, in general. In the Great Pyramid, the Queens Chamber has a four tiered nitch located at the center of the pyramid. The Grand Gallery has a seven tiered ceiling. The King's Chamber is blocked by four portcullis slabs, and it has six stone ceilings. These numbers are sacred to the rituals of the monuments. The game maybe the ascension of the ball (human-world) through 6 steps to reach the paradise number 7, trying to get back to Golden Age of the Maize God and to the First Father and First Mother like in Egypt the 2 lands represented what is above is also below. In this understanding the ball is the earth and not the Sun as Mayanologists prefer.

If we consider the ball field one level, then there are six levels which must be ascended in order to "win the game". In metaphysics, seven is the number of the "spirits of God". In other words, there are only seven dimensions of creation which must be ascended to become one with the Creator. The first four dimensions are the metaphysical elements, earth, water, air, and fire. The earth dimension represents the material world composed of all energy and matter. This is the earth in which we all come to play the game. The first step to ascend is the physical dimension which has the metaphysical element name water. This is the level at which bodily functions result when a life force is added to the substance of the first material level. An organism which discontinues to maintain the level of the water step dies, and returns back to the matter level of the carrion. The second step is the metaphysical level called air. At this step, the living organism imagines and thinks about objects and subjects in the creation. This imaginary step is essential to any rational understanding. The third step is the metaphysical level called fire. This is the level of inspiration. When an imaginative living organism made of material substance reaches the level of fire, it has the power to rule nations of living organisms.

The white raiment is the Milky Way on the child at Quetzalcoatl. The Pillar in the temple is the body of the Caiman Tree.

On the west horizon at the moment when Quetzalcoatl returns to Teotihuacán, the hand of the Virgin, First Mother, reaches for the flower at the top of the field of Maize. When we move to the winter solstice of that year, another amazing phenomenon occurs. Saturn will sit right on the winter solstice together with the sun in Libra, suggesting that the days of judgment will finally be over and a cosmic balance will prevail. As the sun rises that day, all the other planets and the moon will be in the visible sky. The order of the planets from the sun to Pluto will be the same as the order of their orbits from the sun. When the top of the galaxy stands at the zenith of Teotihuacán, the Eternal City of the Milky Way will lay completely around its horizon. Pluto in the Twins will send a signal that the alignment of the Cosmic Ball has been achieved and the Eternal City restored by the Hero Twins.

Crocodile Tree=Milky Way (Mouth of Crocodile or Jaguar-Toad) . On 21/12/2012, the Solstice sun will align with the Dark Rift in the Milky Way:

The K’iche’ people still identify the seven stars of the Big Dipper with Vuqub Caquix (Seven Macaw). At sunset on August 13, the Milky Way is nearly erect, and the Dipper is visible in the the northern sky in the Maya area. But as the heavens rotate, the Milky Way turns away from its upright position, and the Dipper dives toward the horizon. About two hours after sunset, the Dipper sets: Seven Macaw is knocked from his perch atop the World Tree. Among the K’iche’, the mid-summer descent of the Dipper just after sunset marks the beginning of the hurricane season, the time of flooding.

Cosmogenesis Tree of Life:

Representation of the Maya Universe, with the Sacred tree, Yaxché (Ceiba Tree), and the 4 Bacabs in the corners holding the earth, each of the 13 Caan (heaven) levels had its Oxlahuntikú or main god, with Hunab’Kú (father of the twins and the Maize god) at the top. The Earth (Cab) represented as a caiman, with is Tzultacah or gods (we don’t know the number), and Xibalbá or underworld with 9 levels and its gods or Bolon Ti Kún being Ah Puch, the God of the Death in the lower level. East (lak'in) is the direction of sunrise, associated with red (chak), the color of dawn. West (chik'in) is the direction of sunset; its color is black (ek'). North (xaman) is white (sak). The color of the south (nohol) is yellow (k'an). Green (yax) is the color of the center, of the green Ceiba tree (yax´che´), representing the great World Tree itself, raised in the centre of the cosmos.

This Tree was the conduit of communication between the supernatural world and the human world: The souls of the dead fell into Xibalbá along its path; the daily journeys of the sun, moon, planets, and stars followed its trunk. The Vision Serpent symbolizing communion with the world of the ancestors and the gods emerged into our world along it. The king was the axis and pivot made flesh. He was the Tree of Life. The king sustained his people, but he also required much from them in the way of service. According to the Mayan model, the earth spins around a central axis consisting of a huge ceiba tree called the Wakah-Chan, or "World-Tree", whose trunk extends into the heavens toward the North Star and whose roots delve deep below the plane of the earth. The heavens themselves rotate around this axis as a giant celestial sphere, making the Mayan model of the Earth highly reminiscent of a spinning gyroscope.

The Mayan model holds that Earth is but one of three coexisting universes: the Upperworld, the Underworld, or Xibalba, and the human or concrete world . Unifying these three planes, the World Tree serves as a portal between the human world and the other two worlds through which gods pass freely. Four Bacabs, or Atlases, support the plane of the Earth from below; in turn, four giant ceiba trees located at each corner of the world hold aloft the Upperworld, which hovers over the plane of the earth during the daytime. Most of the benevolent gods in the Maya pantheon, called oxlahuntiku, inhabit the Upperworld, which the lofty branches of the World Tree divide into thirteen levels. The Underworld, situated below the plane of the earth, is a grim place of darkness and decay very similar to the Mesopotamian land of the dead. Evil gods known collectively as the Lords of Death or bolontiku, the bearers of drought, hurricanes and war, dwell in the nine levels of the Underworld.

The Maya believed that at night these celestial planes rotate around the earth's axis, giving human observers a view of the Underworld and temporarily concealing the Upperworld. Some scholars submit the more popular opinion that the celestial sphere is fixed in place, and that the sun travels through the subterranean Underworld at night to reemerge from the earth at dawn. In this view, each day is a cycle of destruction and rebirth, as the Maya believed that the world could be symbolized by a giant reptile that devours and regurgitates the sun at sunset and sunrise, respectively. Kinh, the sun god, emerges from the maw of the earth in the morning, ascends through the thirteen levels of heaven, arriving at the uppermost level at noon, and descends once more through the Upperworld to reenter the Underworld at dusk. Thus, kinh unites the three worlds of the Maya faith. At the beginning, there was nothing. Then came the creator, Tepeu and Gucumatz, one but at the same time, two. They are surrounded by clarity, which represents the Holy Spirit, therefore, the Trinity. In scientific terms these three forces could be called positive, negative, and neutral. In other words: Ying, Yang, and Tao. Every culture, at a certain stage of development, seems to describe the creation of the universe in similar terminology. In its simplicity, the Mayan number system employed only 3 characters - a dot ... Green was the characteristic color of the earth's center.

Dodecahedron universe idea mentioned in 2003 was an idea one of the guys from the USA team (Jeff Weeks) stole from James Clifford Cranwell who thought about it in 1988.

Plato’s quintessence cosmos was a giant dodecahedron while the other four solids represent the "elements" of fire-pyramid, air-octahedron, earth-cube, and water-isosahedron, and added “time is a moving image of eternity according to number while eternity rests in unity”. The French geologist de Bimon and Poincare considered that the form of the Earth represents by itself the deformed dodecahedron. The Russian geologist Kislitsin also used in his researches the idea about the dodecahedral form of the Earth according to which 400-500 millions years ago the geo-sphere of the dodecahedral form was turn into the geo-icosahedron. As the result the geo-dodecahedron appeared to be inscribed into the frame of the icosahedron. Johannes Kepler was also influenced by Plato's Ideas and he used Plato's regular solids to describe planetary motion as shown in a Figure above. He assigned the cube to Saturn, the tetrahedron to Jupiter, the dodecahedron to Mars, the icosahedron to Venus, and the octahedron to Mercury. It’s mentioned Karl Pribram who is a neurophysiologist believing our mind is holographic as well:

When the father and creator saw the creature which he had made moving and living, the created image of the eternal gods, he rejoiced, and in his joy determined to make the copy still more like the original, and as this was an eternal living being, he sought to make the universe eternal, so far as might be. Now the nature of the ideal being was everlasting, but to bestow this attribute in its fullness upon a creature was impossible. Wherefore he resolved to have a moving image of eternity, and when he set in order the heaven, he made this image eternal but moving according to number, while eternity itself rests in unity, and this image we call time. For there were no days and nights and months and years before the heaven was created, but when he constructed the heaven he created them also. They are all parts of time, and the past and future are created species of time, which we unconsciously but wrongly transfer to eternal being, for we say that it 'was,' or 'is,' or 'will be,' but the truth is that 'is' alone is properly attributed to it, and that 'was' and 'will be' are only to be spoken of becoming in time, for they are motions, but that which is immovably the same forever cannot become older or younger by time, nor can it be said that it came into being in the past, or has come into being now, or will come into being in the future, nor is it subject at all to any of those states which affect moving and sensible things and of which generation is the cause. These are the forms of time, which imitates eternity and revolves according to a law of number. Moreover, when we say that what has become is become and what becomes is becoming, and that what will become is about to become and that the nonexistent is nonexistent – all these are inaccurate modes of expression. But perhaps this whole subject will be more suitably discussed on some other occasion. Plato, Timaeus 37c-38b
Posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 6:24:31 AM

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A Poincaré soccer universe hall of mirrors would suggest the universe is 120 times bigger than it is and resembles a videogame.

In such scenario an object that travels away from the earth in straight line will return from the other side of the universe having been rotated by 36º in the process. The universe may be connected like left and right-hand sides of the screen in a computer game.

An ordinary sphere is 2D surface of a 3D ball, hence the universe could behave like a 3D surface of a 4D ball.

In that scenario photons from cosmic microwave background would appear twice in the sky and the interior of the sphere is made of “sacred” 12 number of slightly edged curved pentagons. In a hypersphere we need 120 bent edges, right? This is like the dice of Dungeons and Dragons game. In some videogames you can fly your spaceship off the edge of the screen and comes back in from the opposite edge. A creature would have the illusion of living in infinite space until it starts to move around to check things are repeating themselves everywhere just like when we see with our telescopes the same objects repeatedly and partially rotated each time. In that hall of mirrors instead of watching our faces we would see the back of our heads partially rotated.

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