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Working Transistor the Size of an Atom! Options
Posted: Sunday, March 04, 2012 12:13:53 PM
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Posted: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 12:11:14 PM
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surprised I haven't heard anything in the mainstream media about this.

There is no spoon.
Posted: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 11:06:44 AM
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I've heard of it for a while now. There is quite a bit of R&D going into it right now but most companies are too afraid to publish for fears they'll give the competition some advantage. The first person who develops that sort of method will be a billionaire and the new IBM will be born. I think IBM is also researching heavily. It is a hush hush market right now.
Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2012 7:00:25 AM
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Though not the same as quantum computing technology, a friend of mine that works on advanced projects says that his team acquired a commercial quantum encryption technology from a company in Australia.

The intent of the technology is the sending of secure communications to where it can be detected even if there were a man-in-the-middle attempt to tamper with it. And of course the clear text data will not be recoverable via any such tampering (the act of observation) as it alters the proper context.

However, a limit of this product is that it requires an optical fiber connection the full path from end-point to end-point.

Their team needs to be able to go through a satellite relay, so guess that is one of the main efforts of their project - figure out an appropriate wireless transmission, but also how to securely relay from a satellite to the end-point destination.
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