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Groovin' Down The Sim Highway Options
Posted: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 7:54:21 PM
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You never know who you meet along the sim highway.

That’s the magic in this journey.

Out of nowhere, seemingly, you meet people or witness extraordinary events.

The moment is always right and you are just where you needed to be…..well, not always, I mean a tornado can come along and really mess up a good day for you and your house, among other things.

But nonetheless, we meet interesting folks.

I love the unpredictable nature of our character.

We never know when inspiration can occur, or who comes along.

For example,

Out of apparently nowhere, some strange looking aerocraft appears, without warning, and slams into the terrain just in front of you.

And we immediately assume it’s from another galaxy or planet.


It’s one of ours, well maybe not from my neighborhood, but perhaps a rogue pilot from the far side of the globe decided to take the new muscle aero for a test run and banged it up a bit.

Hey it happens. These guys are not all knowing, all omnipotent folks. They are just guys that just happen to know some things we don’t.

The game masters seem to like the hi tech gizmos we come up with, and then just shake their heads (or whatever) when a catastrophe happens, you know, the old ‘oops factor.’

I know, I know, these things are suppose to be a secret. Shhhh.

And there are always these strange markings or language on these aerocraft. Well, MAYBE they are some sort of NAS-SKY racing team that needs a sponsor, so they blaze the logos all over their aerocraft, such as the ‘Mattel Hollow Earth Toy Company.’

It makes for interesting media press.

I have had a few of these things wiz by me in my time. I am sure General Chuck Yeager had some fun chasing these characters. He probably knew he was outgunned but he believed trying to keep up with these guys would improve his aviation abilities. (General Yeager was/is the BEST pilot ever.)

‘Let’s lose this guy..’

Presses the hyper light speed button and the aerocraft craps out.

“Sh*t” ….barrel roll into the Mojave Desert…..( and why ALWAYS a desert?)

I think the game masters enjoy a good aerial battle and probably help the more advanced minded folks along with some ‘inside intel ‘as to how to build these.

At any moment as I am traveling along the sim highway, I can expect the unexpected.

I may be driving along some country highway and then suddenly I come upon the 'yellow brick road.'

To OZ......

You never know what the game masters will place in front of me, each day having its own adventure.

I am sure they have their unpleasant moods as well. Don' go down that road....

These days that come along are filled with anxiety and challenges that face all of us. We are in the same boat, or aircraft together. We have to learn how to maneuver through the maelstroms.

We have to keep going on our quests. We never know what’s around the next bend of the river or who we will meet.

Maybe we can give the game masters a real surprise by getting along with one another and making our world a place of peace and security.

And you never know what or who to expect along the sim highway…..maybe you will come upon some strange looking humanoids thumbing for a ride.

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