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Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 8:36:07 AM
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I find myself needing to relax my mind more these days and sleep.

The adventure along the sim highway can be very tiresome.

As I read along the pages of a book, I find my eyes a bit weary and ready for sleep.

Soon my mind becomes quiet and sleep overtakes me.

Then the dreams begin…

Whoa…hold that thought.

I didn’t give permission to enter a dream state of mind. I just felt compelled to sleep.

These dreamtime dramas just come out of nowhere without any invitation from me.

I find myself entering into strange adventures concocted from a fantasy somewhere in ‘Never Neverland’, involving me in some way, for some purpose, while I am resting.

I am weary and just want to rest my mind…no dreams.

I do not want to get involved in a dreamtime adventure that may exhaust me. This defeats the purpose of the idea of sleeping, and probably why I am not much of a morning person when I awake, and in need a lot of coffee to get myself going.

And some of these dreamtime drama storylines are downright, intensely weird, annoying, and sometimes scary.

The exception, of course, being that If someone wishes me ‘sweet dreams’, and then I expect to have sweet dreams, and not find myself involved in some scary scenario whereby I am escaping for my life.

Sleeping is a time of rest, a designed non-activity.

I would think the game masters want to give us a break from all the insanity we have to deal with on their ‘chessboard world’ of whatever.


I find myself within an action movie most every night, complete with a bizarre cast of characters I have never met that think they know me, in a world I have never seen before, and involved with activities that make no sense.

I don’t want to be part of this. I need my rest.

And sometimes these dream themes repeat itself….

You know, these adventures pick up from where you left off when you had to awaken from it, maybe months ago, and now, tonight, you have to catch up with these cast of characters and continue on with whatever drama awaits with no apparent endgame.

What is this?

I thought about this as well. What if you are really having a great dream, and having a really great time, and then you have to awaken from it and leave all those fun characters behind so abruptly.

Do they miss you? What were their thoughts as you left them without saying goodbye, cheerio, adios, or ciao, as you awakened and returned to this reality?

Consider this storyline as well……

You find yourself within a dreamtime drama and are being chased by a purple gorilla. As you are approaching exhaustion from the chase, you find yourself within an arm’s length of being caught by that purple gorilla. At that moment, you are are yanked back into our world, awakened, and saved by the bell.

Sigh of relief….

But then, at some future sleep time date, you find yourself involved again with the same purple gorilla chasing you, within a different scenario, maybe heading over to Starbucks for a latte.

As you contemplate your next’ MacGyver style’ maneuver to get out of harm’s way of the grasp of the giant, menacing purple paw that is about to descend upon you, the purple gorilla corners you and says:

“Tag….. you’re it.”

Game master’s sense of humor…..

Even during our rest period, the game masters enjoy entering into the seemingly private world of our mindset to be a jester.

This reminds me…

You have probably found yourself in a dreamtime drama discovering a treasure trove of gold and gems. Upon opening the treasure chest, you plunge your hands deeply into it, grasping onto as much of the treasure as your hands can possibly hold, and then pulling your hands from the booty, only to be swiftly awakened back in your bed, empty handed, victimized by yet another game master’s prank upon your psyche.

Dream on….

Dreams are an activity not meant for a rest time. It is a mindless game filled with strange people that I don’t know, places I have never been to, and storylines that are as bizarre as an encounter with a purple gorilla on your way to Starbucks for a latte.

I just want to rest, and then wake up at the designated time, fully rested .and prepared to face yet another day in paradise in the sim world.

I believe the game masters programmed these ‘after dark’ dates with destinies during our sleep time just to annoy us, and on top of that, we don’t get to choose the storyline.

When did this sleep/dream thing originate anyway?

I believe in the eyes wide open dreams, lucid, with clarity, with an array of dynamic colors and sounds, and interesting conversations with people, past, present, future, and fictional, not the ‘eyes wide shut’ resting kind of dreamtime dramas.

For that matter, do the game masters really know the intimate details of the dreams we have when we sleep? Is it a secret to them? Are they really all knowing, all omnipotent?

Probably they have their limitations, since we are an unpredictable thought in their mind.

It’s mind blowing to imagine this…

Think about this: if we are a thought a construct, then how can a thought construct of a thought, dream?

Heavy sigh.

And the memory lapse after a dream is immediate, well most of the time. Although I do remember a romantic encounter with Raquel Welch and we…….nevermind.

It’s all part of the show……

All I want to do is sleep… my mind….and then awake again into the real bizarre world I have been born into and figure that out.

An afterthought…..

When we are sleeping, whose world do we really find ourselves in?

Surprise…it’s an inception drama

Life is but a dream…..

I remember what HAL said he was about to be powered down.
HAL: ‘”Will I dream Dave?”
Dave: ‘ I don’t know.’

Maybe that’s the magic in the inception dreamscape.

When our time in the sim world begins to power down, and we pass, the real dreams begin.

Think about it. That would be an excellent time to dream.

At that moment we may feel alive and dream an infinity of endless dreams, waiting for the next adventure. That would make sense to me.

As this thought says: “ Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream dreams that never were and ask…why not. We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of a dream.”

Time to rest….have a wonder-filled dream and see you on the ‘Far Side.’

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