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Limits of Particles? Options
Posted: Thursday, March 05, 2015 3:18:08 AM
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First off, I am not schooled in quantum mechanics except for by personal study so if my postulations are fundamentally invalid please excuse me. I do however attempt to absorb as much of the principles that govern nature as I can fathom.

On the nature of Infinite vs Finite, I am confronted by the circle. And more specifically, a planetary orbit. From the frame of reference of the orbiting body it is travelling along an infinite path while the frame of reference outside of this path views a very limited function. And perhaps a completely static state in the case of two bodies tidally-locked in a perfectly circular orbit against a uniform backdrop.

Might it be possible that at least certain characteristics of sub-atomic particles might follow a similar variance with change of reference? We know that protons and electrons can exist for large amounts of time independent (or at least relatively speaking) from other particles. But a neutron, void of its nucleus decays rapidly into a proton and some spare parts. Protons and neutrons are also broken down into quarks and there is a whole host of different particles from here on down. But each of these exists for very short amounts of time, and once the energies drop, or time passes (which might be the same thing), these "broken" pieces re-coalesce into "proper" pieces. Why?

We know that E=mC^2. But what if there is a specific energy boundary also? Energy, particles and energized particles across this boundary appear to be in one state but might be being reflected back like a mirror. A laser pointed at a mirror appears to continue on "into" the mirror but if we look over the top of the mirror we see it is an illusion. Might these "broken" particles be concentrations of energy/matter being bounced back above the safe and cozy energy level once they have finished decaying? A tomato thrown against a brick wall at 100 m/s will look relatively the same as another thrown at exactly the same angle and speed etc. Which will look different but equally identifiable if the splattered object is an orange. Now if this brick wall is a parabola, like an arc of a circle, plotted against time, the object or particle being splattered bounces back into some forms as it returns down the other side of the curve.

Thus the same types of reactions that we think are occurring might be illusions. The universe may not be getting down to finer and finer resolutions becuase we are merely looking deeper and deeper into the reflection of the mirror of a specific energy density.

Just a thought. Would like to hear constructive feedback. Thank you for your time.
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