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The issue of time Options
Posted: Monday, February 09, 2015 11:19:22 AM
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To my mind the most confusing thing about the idea of the universe as a hologram is the nature of simultaneous time which must go along with it.

The objects of matter we perceive seem to be "out there", separated from each other by space, but are actually projections built up of countless changing pixels of complex energy. I think of them as ever-changing standing waves of subatomic particles forming standing waves of atoms, molecules, cells and on and on to become vast constructs of what we perceive as matter.

But in order to grasp the idea of reality as a simulation, we need to always remember that instead of a leaner model with all events having a beginning and an end, time is actually happening all at once. Since all probable positions of any pixel have equal reality and only ones selected by the mechanism are perceived as real in any given moment, it must be that all possible "nows" in which to be have equal potential reality.

In the system we're in right now the only way we can perceive any event, such as reading this post or example, is leaner. To read this post you need to start at the beginning and go to the end in order for it to make sense--although it actually exists on the screen all at once.

Posted: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 8:19:03 AM
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If we say that Consciousness is fundamental and that its attributes are

Input - experience
Ability to self modify

and that Consciousness is best modelled as a large complex information system capable of computing virtual realities. As memory suggests time then time itself becomes a fundamental attribute of Consciousness.

Growing up, dropping beliefs, and attaining a greater awareness requires courage -- as does living gracefully with uncertainty. Courage is a natural result of fearlessness.
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