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"Light Being" = Photon Program Options
Posted: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 6:09:46 AM
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***this is a continuation of the thread "Who is God"***

Sometimes I do like to play devil's advocate, however, I am still thoroughly committed to the concept that the Universe is Digital. :)

So, for a quick summary of where I'm at (metaphorically speaking, off course!).

In the thread "Who is God" I wrote:

"....and, maybe we can equate light with consciousness"

So, Step 1: Light = Consciousness

In the thread "Bigfoot DNA Tests" I wrote:

"Consciousness/Information--------------> Energy--------------> Matter/Light (Illusion)

So factoring in Step 1, we have:

Step 2: Light = Consciousness = Information = Energy = Matter

This ties in nicely with David Bohm's quote: "Universe Consists of Frozen Light"

In the thread "Checkmate" I wrote:

"These polarised cubes can then join together to form a 3D grid-like array or Matrix of cellular automata. Matter in motion is an illusion caused by the shifting of stable particle-like information patterns from cell to cell or cube to cube in 3D cellular automata space"

So, factoring in Step 2, above, we have:

Step 3: Particle-like Information Patterns = Information Patterns of Light (photons)

Thus, perhaps, at the most rudimentary level, we can equate the "Light Being" to a "Consciousness Photon Program". This is encapsulated in the following quote by Brian Whitworth (taken from his article "10 Reasons Why Our Universe Is A Virtual Reality"):

"........In quantum realism, a photon program can spread instances on the network like a wave, then restart at a point, when a node overloads and reboots, like a particle........"

cf, the above quote to the double-slit experiment!

Finally, the number *3* that arises in many world religions which contain triple deities or concepts of trinity, is perhaps, just a figurative expression for the *3* additive primary colours, red, green and blue, so that when combined in the correct intensity produce White Light.

Posted: Saturday, January 16, 2016 8:54:12 AM
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Joined: 7/22/2012
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More food for thought.

Walter Russell's (author of 'The Secret of Light') 'Cubic Wave Field Model of Creation'. The Matrix- in a box!! You might need to do further reading in order to clarify.

Walter debunked the "aether" theory and said, Light is the only physical thing in existence and that consciousness creates and sustains light.

Sorry, I tried to embed the video, but it didn't work. :(

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