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Spacetime is Doomed Options
Posted: Thursday, March 07, 2019 2:55:52 PM

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"Spacetime is doomed."

Cognitive scientist Donald D. Hoffman is saying in this video exactly what I have been saying, albeit with slightly different words. "You create space and time", "Consciousness is primary and fundamental." His network of conscious agents is exactly what figure 7-8 is in "Digital Consciousness". His "graphical interface" is my RLL. And by the way, I had referenced him in the book, for his evolutionary ideas.

So cool to see physics, cognitive science, philosophy, and spirituality come together like this.
Posted: Monday, March 11, 2019 7:56:33 PM

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Fascinating that as you become aware of this nature of reality ... the reality itself engages in its own sea-change to compensate for the new awareness. In other words, your discovery of the nature of reality unleashes other player entities in the RLL who also seem to become aware.

For example, elsewhere in the forum a few years ago, I spoke about the "vibrations" I felt while in a self-aware sleep state. Back then, I searched the internet and found very little. As I began to describe it in some of my posts, over time there began to be a rich history about the vibration state preceding the OBE. It is as if the universe compensated for my discovery and my own consciousness created a new reality to explain my discovery.

What used to be just a few of us has now become the predominant school of thought. Digital consciousness is suddenly the "accepted science."

But let us not forget that understanding the nature of reality does not make it any less real. This reality is still the only one we've got. You have yours and I have mine (reality that is), but when we coincide in the RLL - it all has to align just well enough to maintain the "adequate" consensus.
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