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My Poltergeist-esque Experiences Options
Posted: Friday, November 08, 2019 7:08:48 PM
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Right guys, see what you make of this... (this all happened to me back in late summertime)...

It all started one evening when I was upstairs on my PC and I heard a bang. I looked around but could not find the origin of the bang. It deffo sounded like it came from my Dad’s bedroom, but I could not find anything out of place. Incidentally, the time was approx.. 21:30 in the evening.

Then, several hours later at approx. 6:20am in the morning, I heard another bigger bang, and this time it came from downstairs, and I discovered that a big framed picture had come down off the wall. The string holding it up had snapped or something. I thought, how odd, two bangs in the space of several hours, one bang solved, the other bang unsolved.

Now, you’d think it would end there but it did not…

A few days later my brother came to visit and we were just about to have a BBQ (we didn't get many chances this year to have a BBQ as the weather was awful. Summer 2019 was a real disappointment). So, we’re preparing and getting everything ready. It’s late afternoon time and I’m descending the stairs and just as I’m near the bottom of the stairs… I hear a right commotion and racket and I turn around and see a small wooden picture flying down the staircase! Now, I’m almost certain I did not brush past this particular picture hanging up on the wall. It just came tumbling down the stairs. When we inspected we found the nail still in the wall, so it came down apparently of its own accord. More like it was pushed or thrown as it really came down the stairs with such momentum, like to get my attention.

So very odd occurrences. Then, a few days later I hear another bang one morning, and this time it’s in the kitchen area. My mini whiteboard I have hung up on the kitchen wall I use to make notes has mysteriously fell down. Normally it stays up, no problem. I tell my Dad about it and just as I hang it back up the kitchen fluorescent light starts blinking off and on! Honestly, it was spooky and like a scene from a horror film.

So, three items falling down from our walls in various parts of our house, all within the space of about 2 weeks. We’ve never experienced anything like that before. And then the kitchen fluorescent light malfunctioning. Incidentally, the kitchen light was working fine up until that morning where the mini whiteboard mysteriously fell off the wall. And the kitchen light was not the same after that weird morning, and my brother had to replace the starter motor. It’s like something affected the kitchen light.

So there you go guys, it does appear I have experienced some type of supernatural phenomenon. Any hypotheses from you guys would be much appreciated. Btw, things have calmed down now. The phenomenon was very short-lived. Whether it will kick off again, I don't know? Time will tell...
Posted: Sunday, December 01, 2019 2:53:12 PM

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Well, EKUMA1981, as you probably know, I totally support the idea of intelligent entities that we can't predictably see under "normal" circumstances, as well as the idea of reincarnation. Although I haven't done a lot of poltergeist research, i have done a lot of reincarnation research and believe that the evidence supports it. Stories of interactions with such entites abound.

I also had a similar set of experiences this past summer - 5 at least, in short succession, a couple of which have no "normal" explanation, and the others being statistically significant in their occurrence in time relative to each other. I think I posted about them in this forum. In my case, I responded with an admonition (I have heard that this works) for the entity to "get out." And it seemed to have worked because nothing strange has happened since.
Jon D
Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2019 1:32:19 PM
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I love hearing these stories. I had probably already mentioned the strangest "ghost-like" experience I had. I was sitting on my basement coach, it wasn't late, maybe 8PM, dark outside, just looking at instagram or something on my cellphone. The corner of my eye catches movement to my left, like something just came into my frame of view, I look up and turn my head toward it, and saw this smoke-like apparition, no taller than maybe 4 1/2 feet. It was like... a cross between smoke, and a shadow, and not very dense. As soon as my eyes locked onto it, it zoomed off like The Flash down my hallway, I'm talking lightning speed. The hair on my arms stood up, so I knew something was real about it, but I wasn't afraid. I hollered out "HEY! COME BACK!". It felt like I startled whatever it was more than it startled me. This was years ago, maybe 7years ago.

I've also had scratches appear on my neck before at my old house maybe 13years ago. I have pictures on my old hard drive. Long, thin scratches that even left a bit of a scab. Just literally appeared while awake in broad daylight sitting on my computer, felt a slight burning sensation, looked in my mirror and noticed it. That was a little uneasy, but still didn't scare me that much, my cats throughout the years have built up my scratch tolerance.

I'm not sure what the general fear of the unknown is. I welcome it. Whether it's a picture falling without explanation, or a little tug on your foot while in bed, we can't always assume it's malevolent. It could be attempting to get our attention, and it may have something immense to offer, whatever it is.
Posted: Sunday, December 15, 2019 2:34:58 PM

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Wow, those experiences are really interesting, Jon. I think people bring their own expectations into such experiences. Like, maybe your free will plus the free will of the other entity overlap intentions to create an experience for both - like a little push and pull. So, if you bring fear into the situation, it filters the experience in a direction that confirms the fear, if that makes any sense.

I like the idea of it possibly having something immense to offer - that's a very positive way to look at it. I think I've been "kicked in the ass" a couple times by some sort of spiritual guide, that was making the effort to push me in a better direction. Like, it's rarely there, but there when you really need it, and it would be foolish not to listen to that voice, instinct, or whatever. Some people refer to it as "the touch of God", others call it "gut feel", obviously dependent on their worldview, but it's probably all the same thing.
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