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Covid-19 Options
Posted: Thursday, September 24, 2020 6:45:45 PM
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Hi guys. I haven't been on here for some time as events are just crazy with me. And look at the world now it's all changed dramatically just because of a tiny microorganism. Are all these measures really necessary though? I don't think they are. Isn't this just another flu virus. Normally these viruses just spread around and herd immunity is achieved. I mean, I recall an outbreak of bird flu in the UK about a decade ago and we never went through all this malarkey. Society just rolled on.

Masks have become mandatory in the UK when out shopping, for example. But a few months ago the W.H.O. and other "experts" on TV were saying how INEFFECTIVE face masks are! Even a resident TV doctor was on a programme called Jeremy Vine at the start of the pandemic and she clearly said face masks are more or less useless against viruses. Now the advice is the complete opposite! So many confusing elements to all this. And I've heard people say how viruses can go straight through face masks because viruses are that small. So what's the point of wearing face masks when they offer 0% protection?! None of this adds up. The government have got kids wearing masks now too which I feel is tantamount to child abuse.

Now it looks like the UK is heading for a second lockdown. If that happens the economic impact will be devastating. It really is like the governments want to destroy society and reset everything. And rumors of mandatory vaccines are extremely concerning. Golly, I don't think the world will ever be the same again.

Isn't it weird though how things were happening to me last year. For example, pictures were falling down from my walls. A crematorium opened up opposite our my house. I started to get profound synchronicities connected to Christianity and the Bible. Oh yeah, and 111 started to become connected more to Christianity as well. So it's like all these signs and wonders I was experiencing were kinda leading up to the year 2020. You know, there were a lot of bad omens I was experiencing too. For example, when that blackbird hit my out house window, and I was stood right near the window with the door open. Birds don't normally behave like that.

And in 2020 my synchronicities and numerology have continued to be associated with mainly Christianity and the Bible. I'll go in to more details soon and start another post as one thing occurred to me only a few weeks ago and it was really impressive.

Posted: Thursday, September 24, 2020 11:34:36 PM

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Good to see you back live, EKUMA1981. Please take a look at some of the recent posts, especially those from our old friend Neo - there is a lot here to digest regarding Covid. Check out this one:

And, of course, we are anxious to hear more of your 2020 story!
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