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'Hello I Must Be Going', An Alternate Sim Adventure Options
Posted: Wednesday, November 06, 2013 9:51:01 AM
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Been away……I stepped into an alternate sim universe quite by happenstance, though I am sure it wasn’t happenstance.

I apologize for this late post since I recently just arrived back.

I found myself walking along on a pathway into a lovely garden park nearby my home. As I passed through the gateway of the park, I entered into an alternate reality.

I found myself intrigued with an opportunity to slide into another matrix of reality. In fact, the reality I found myself in was similar to my default dream field here,with a few glitches.

An inception adventure has no boundaries and you never really know where you will find yourself.

In this case, I ended up in an alternate reality where President Kennedy was alive and well, but a bit elderly at this point. Most of the Rock n Roll stars that seemed to arrive at an early demise in the previous reality, are still, in fact living.

President Kennedy never went to Dallas, the American nation averted a national tragedy, and he dismantled the Federal Reserve successfully.

George Bush Sr. and Lyndon Johnson were arrested and convicted of plotting the overthrow of America by the corporate elite, the syndicate dissolved, Bobby Kennedy became his brother’s vice president, and the nation was on track in becoming an example of leadership to the world.

Nixon, Reagan, and these other characters of the Republican Party lived a quiet, unassuming life in their political arena, the Vietnam conflict ended on November 22, 1963, and the American government became an example of transparency, since the ‘we are not alone’ issue was resolved.

The Beatles continued their musical genius, and President Kennedy invited them to perform at the White House as frequent guests. Paul never crashed his white sports car into oblivion after an argument with his band mates. John apologized for the misunderstanding, and ordered fish and chips and pizza to get all of them through yet another midnight to dawn recording session for their new album. The album eventually went platinum and there was never a Rubber Soul, St. Pepper, or the White Album. Just pure musical genius and creativity under the direction of George Martin. The Fab Four went on to avoid the pitfalls of being ripped off by others in the music industry by hiring a young Warren Buffet as their business manager , and inspired musicians worldwide.

There was no Age of Aquarius, but there was an age of America becoming an example for living to the world. American schools and businesses flourished through a dynamic educational system and international trade for American products was in demand. America was a land of opportunity and healthy living. Everyone lived a life that was free and refreshing to the soul.

This alternate sim universe discovered lost technologies such as free energy and knowledge as to how to develop our natural resources responsibly, and care for one another.

Steve Jobs and Woz never discovered the personal computer because a few years after President Kennedy came into office, a lost treasure trove of technologies were discovered and little John John learned how to interact on ‘ Sesame Street’ via holography education.

Quite amazing….

I had to shed a tear when I eventually came upon my mother, who, instead of passing away at an early age, had lived on to be a dedicated worker in Native American Indian Affairs and had been blessed for her efforts by President Kennedy.

I found myself walking towards her at that moment near where I grew up. As I called out to her, and was about to reached out to her with tears streaming down my face, I found myself outside the garden once again.

I contemplated, for a moment, what had transpired with my adventure ‘over the rainbow.

I then slowly turned my eyes upward to the gateway where I had first entered into, and saw these words:


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