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Dreams and Parallel Universes Options
Jon D
Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 10:09:26 AM
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I'm not quite sure what your stance is on parallel universes Jim(anyone also please chime in), did you ever consider a link between dreams and parallel universes? Assuming there are infinite parallel universes we may exist in, it may make sense why some dreams feel so close to home, some are close yet strangely twisted, and others are so other-worldly.

Possibly, these realities we are all existing in simultaneously, we are getting glimpses of as we sleep and leave our current reality here. Thoughts?
Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 9:00:20 PM

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Hey Jon,

Great question. I could almost write a book on this one. :d/

Let me first point you to a blog post that addresses this topic exactly:

I think that our experiences are conscious processes. When we experience a dream, our consciousness is actually experiencing something, but it may be something that it is extracting from our local data store (brain) plus maybe a bit from the nonlocal data store (all other info that is out there). When we experience something more consistent with somebody else's experience, such as a mutual lucid dream, our consciousnesses are working together to construct an experience for both of us. When we experience what we normally call physical reality, it is all of our consciousnesses (who reside in the reality) that work together to create the experience. Really not much difference in principle.

So the question is, do they happen simultaneously? Certainly, they do, since mutual lucid dreams, dreams, OBEs, physical reality all happen at the same time (although see "Bot"-tee-licious' latest Checkmate post about time). In that sense, they are certainly parallel.

But can they happen simultaneously to the same consciousness? This is tough question. But, given that (or at least given that I tend to believe that) our individuated consciousnesses are all part of the same - all connected, then effectively all of these experiential realities are happening simultaneously to the same consciousness. There is evidence (mostly anecdotal) that a particular individuated consciousness (part of the whole, like you or I) can effectively split and be in two places at once, maybe two physical bodies, or maybe one body that is having two experiences. Certainly, in the case of an OBE, the consciousness splits. Some appears to stay in the physical body and monitor physical sensations while the branch is off in OBE land. So, parallel realities and dreams. Yes!

What do others think?
Jon D
Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 11:52:04 AM
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Great insight and the consensus differential makes sense. How often do we question reality while dreaming? Only when lucid, from my experiences. When lucid, you not only question reality(or the rules within it), you unmistakably know it's not real(or real, but yours) and create your own conditions - unrestricted reality. Of course not every lucid dream grants this to the full effect, sometimes we're caught in between the lucid and non-lucid state. I believe there's a big difference between a fully lucid dream and a non-lucid dream, more than just the lucidity factor. Tough one to dissect. Perhaps a lucid-dream is more related to a daydream than an actual sleeping-state dream? In both daydreams and lucid-dreams we're knowingly creating circumstances and aware of it.

When we daydream it seems we manifest situations based off of local-information stored here in our current physical reality. Dreaming(non-lucid) in the sleep state to me seems more non-local than local. Where is this non-local information coming from? Why are we being subject to these situations? Are these situations actually occurring or have they occurred in the past in some time or place? When it's happening, it's reality to us, and without question.

Everything seen is real. Memories of events from our current physical reality seem no different than memories of events from a vivid dream, we can even recall the emotions felt just as strongly. Just exactly where were we during those dreams and what if it really was a parallel physical reality we actually did experience, somewhere. Our consciousness could very well be connected to multiple of even infinite parallel physical realities.
Posted: Thursday, January 30, 2014 7:09:26 AM
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Hi Jon D and jim,

My current thinking is that we live within the body or framework of a giant Matrix or Hologrid where consciousness resides. I posit that our own individuated consciousness is responsible for creating the pattern of our unique pixelated selves, that is permanently 'locked' into stable position, within the one Matrix, for the duration of each life (multiple re-incarnations may apply). The idea of an infinite number of alternate/parallel universes populated by infinite alternate duplicate beings doesn't apply in this case! The purpose of the Matrix is to grow and learn to become the perfect Hologram of the One (= 'Logos' - my favourite term for "All That Is").

We are yet part of the Whole (= One), but as part of the Whole, we are the Whole expressing itself as part of the Whole. So, we are the part, we are the Whole, we are one and the same, but expressing the Whole as a part - this, more or less, describes a Hologram.

The interconnectedness of the Hologrid means that when we experience a dream our consciousness (or part of it) is free to roam around the Grid and pick up something, not only, from our own local data store (brain) - as jim suggests- but from everyone else's as well. Furthermore, as levels of consciousness rise, there will follow an increased ability to connect to the 'brain' of the Matrix i.e. the 'Logos'. However, it is not necessary to be in the dream state to make this connection. A sincere quest to find 'truth' and/or a quiet non-intensive meditative procedure (daydream?!?) is all that is required.

Posted: Saturday, February 01, 2014 6:42:51 AM

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It all goes back to the nature of a programmed reality. Just because it is programmed, does not mean it is not real. All reality is programmed by nature. When trees fall in the woods and nobody is there to hear it fall, it still does make a noise for all the squirrels that are in the program. There are many windows we can look in and out of reality. A dream is one of those windows. Are you looking out? Or, when you wake up, are you simply choosing to look in?

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