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From Here To Infinity…Wait...Reverse That Thought Options
Posted: Tuesday, February 04, 2014 11:52:52 AM
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Been hitchhiking across the Inception Universe. I am told the year now is 2014, or 4712, depending upon your viewpoint. Whatever.

Viewpoint is everything and just a slight change of viewpoint can alter your life.

You know, like wearing 3D eye shields while watching a super hero movie, and then trying to jump in on the action by becoming one of them.

Anyway, it’s been awhile since we have met. I have been on the road and have returned to this game play level to see what has been transpiring.

How have you been? Miss me?

By the way, I met a friend of mine along the inception road. Well not a friend, my son to be exact, at solar age around 50. By happenstance he gave to me a viewpoint I never really considered. Quite ‘leftfield” I might add.

As we sat ourselves at the local cosmic java café’, he related to me this viewpoint.

He said: “Dad, maybe we are looking at this from the wrong viewpoint.”

“And what is the alternate viewpoint son?” I replied.

He said: “Maybe THIS reality is a place where we are, is not real in a sense, and then when we “pass away”, our family and friends that have gone before us are really waiting for us to join them on another sphere of reality, similar to where we began this journey. The REAL world.”

I said: “You mean the old ‘go to heaven to be with God” scenario? Sounds a little unfair. I mean, what about the misery passing away has caused folks in this reality with this ‘passing away’.”

“Not exactly. Think about it. When we pass away, we enter into infinity, we never really die…” He said.

He didn’t say ‘The, or An’ infinity. Just infinity, which sounds to me like a space realm, and floating forever among the stars and meeting other hitchhikers on their journeys.

I tried to reconcile exactly what infinity may be. I have to establish this concept in my mindset.

Along the inception road, which is a concept I so happen to agree with, we just change levels of play and enter into a new paradigm of adventure. I comprehend this, but Infinity would only confuse my life cycle because it seems to lead to a place that may make me uncomfortable, a nothingness to some extent. I kinda like to know something about the scenery i am going to before I agree to this adventure.

In my viewpoint, infinity is where you came from, not where you are going. Seems a bit illogical to stop at a place, as this reality, be subjected to this insane theatre and move on into infinity once again.

So what is the present time? Can this be infinity? What is reality?

I mean this planet has been around a long, long, LONG time. People have come and go. So could this be infinity and we are recycled characters in this melodrama til we get it right?

“ All the world is a stage and we are but actors…”

The concept of infinity is not conceivable. The concept of finite alternate realities is. I can understand that. I have traveled beyond the stars and have returned here, once again to regale you with my adventures. I haven’t been into infinity, just probably into the Twilight Zone.

Maybe this is the Twilight Zone, and Rod Serling is the real "Game Master."

Dream Fields within the Twilight Zone.

Ok, I think I may becoming enlightened.

So, if what my son is implying may be true, then I can expect to be playing in a helluva baseball game on “Infinity Field” in the future. I can play an infinite number of innings and never get tired. My throwing arm would never ache and tire, and I can throw at ‘light speeds’ to the batters. I can feast on soft drinks, peanuts, popcorn, and frost malts.

Now THAT, would be something to look forward to. An infinite baseball sandlot game that never ends, and with the greatest players that ever played the game.

“ Inception Field of Dreams”

That sounds like an infinity I would want to be associated with.

Let’s play infinity Ernie….

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