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The Beatles Inception Options
Posted: Sunday, February 09, 2014 1:50:34 PM
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It was 50 years ago today…..

February 7-9 marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America and performing their act. At least the act involving the original members. I saw them in concert. They were a phenomenon, a carefully engineered conception that would be the catalyst for a world cultural change. And in an instant of time. The process of a cultural revolution happened overnight and the game play became elevated to a level never before imagined.

Then the unthinkable happened.

The ‘demise’ of Sir Paul.

Remember that the game play is dependent on the interaction of human resources in order for the game play to elevate to the next inception level, and there is room for the unexpected.

The Beatles were/are an economic treasure to the UK, and for that matter, the world at the time. The Game Masters wanted this Magical Mystery Tour to keep riding along when the real Paul decided not to play along and the game play changed.

As with any good magic act, the handlers of the Fab Four agreed upon a 'slight of hand' involving Paul that would prove to be the solution to keeping the 'dream field ' alive.


Enter the ‘Illusionists’ Phil Ackrill and Bill Campbell (among others).

Having actually seen The Fab Four for real and to witness their rise into a meteoric rise into infinity, I can attest with all certainty that Paul McCartney, at least the real one, seems to be alive in some capacity, in this reality dream field.

Perhaps in another inception dream field the Beatles never existed, but for now Sir Paul, is alive and well.

Five decades have passed since the Beatles landed in America, and the Beatles are still recognized as being influential in world cultural evolution.

The real Paul stepped aside for a moment, survived all these decades, (maybe writing songs for the illusionists) and on occasion, stepped from the shadows and did a performance for the fans just to keep everyone honest.

Sadly, John and George have passed on, their legacy living on. There would never be a Beatles 50th Anniversary with all of them alive. At least not in this inception dream field.

On another note, I would welcome a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for Phil and Bill, as well as induction into the Magicians Hall of Fame for their roles in the Great Illusion.

Excuse me while I leave you for a moment, for I have another concert to attend where I will hear, once again, their incredible harmonies and musicianship. Perhaps I will hear some incredibly new and cool songs for this 50th Anniversary party.

See you on The Far Side…..
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