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Posted: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 1:33:43 PM
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A few years ago I was unsure about poltergeist phenomena. Even the best cases like Enfield seemed to be shrouded in controversy. Was I ever going to find a case with tangible evidence.

Yes! I happened to stumble upon a case that parapsychologist Steve Mera (BSc) investigated back in 1996. It is known as "The Rochdale Poltergeist". Here's a link -

So, it appears some weird phenomena was taking place in that little bungalow, but what exactly causes it? And how can rain come down indoors? And this is not the only case where rain has fallen indoors, there was also the Don Decker incident. And there's been more too in the past.

And a couple of friends I know personally have had strange experiences. Several years ago my mate Steve witnessed his kettle boiling on its own. The kettle was NOT plugged in and there was no heat source. Now, we all know how hard it is to boil water at room temperature and how much energy it takes, so where was the energy coming from?

So these phenomena can do pretty much anything and violate laws of physics, gravity, etc, with ease. So what is really going on?....

Well, perhaps the Programmed Reality model can shed some light on it all. Perhaps it is generated by a program/algorithm of some sort: put in by a programmer by hand or just occasionally pop up spontaneously to keep us mystified and entertained.

Another mystery to all this though is why the phenomena always seem to be so localized and mainly only happens when a few people are present? How come it never happens while I'm watching, for example, snooker on BBC2. Is it because too many people are observing? It would spoil the game?

What is going on, guys? Input please.........

Btw, I forgot to mention that I'm in the middle of researching another very intriguing case known as The Mammoth Mountain poltergeist. Another case that has good evidence -

Posted: Monday, January 18, 2016 3:48:34 PM

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Hmm, poltergeists, fun topic! Here is a hypothesis that could answer your questions…
Off the top, we should remember that IF our true reality (all that there is - ATTI) is data-driven (which I have argued that it is), almost anything is possible. For example, we may have a set of rules that describe forces and mechanics and 99.9% of all reality experiences comply with those rules. This would be necessary and make sense given that our apparent physical reality is programmatic (and therefore malleable) and yet needs to appear “solid” to its “players.” And so, experiments in physics designed to test these rules (e.g. relativistic equations) generally confirm them. Aberrations are either thrown out as anomalous, or don’t tend to appear in experimental laboratory settings. However, they occur rarely in our normal experience (“rarely” again by design, or we would have a different set of rules for normal reality). How might this happen?

Taking a page from Robert Monroe’s “Far Journeys” (which is a similar page in many other bodies of knowledge about how the afterlife works), some people just aren’t ready to die. In Digital Consciousness parlance, instead of fully detaching from their connection to the Reality Learning Lab (aka our apparent physical reality), they retain a connection and continue interacting with it via their consciousness despite there being no corporeal body there representing their existence in the RLL. That “interaction” is just data transfer and may follow a certain set of rules about how a discarnate consciousness can interact with the RLL. Perhaps, for example, the effect of their intent is heavily filtered by context. For example, if you’re alive when you interact with that kettle of water, you are following normal rules of mechanics; your consciousness sends your intent to have your hand turn the knob on the stove to light a fire under the kettle. The consciousness of everybody in the room receives that information and generates the visual impression of that activity. If you are dead in the RLL but your consciousness is still playing around with the RLL (you might or might now be aware of your actual state of being - Monroe generally ran into the type that was not aware), your intent is to create the state of boiling water, which you CAN do because data is infinitely malleable. Perhaps ATTI (the system) allows this periodically and may even favor the rare occurrance of such experiences in contexts where there are people present who tend to believe in such things. Why? So as to reinforce their beliefs? To teach them something new? We can’t be sure because we can only infer the "mind" of ATTI. But, I suspect that if this is the case, it has to be localized; otherwise we would have a whole new paradigm of reality to deal with all of the sudden. Keeping it small and localized (and not subject to broadcast) ensures that there is always mystery - the kind that drives investigation, but not a wholesale shift of belief system. It appears that it may be important to maintain the appearance of a deterministic materialistic reality because otherwise humanity wouldn’t trust RLL, think they are dreaming, and chaos might ensue. ATTI may have evolved to ensure this balance.

That’s my best guess without a whole lot of thinking. :)
Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 4:56:00 AM
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Poltergeist phenomena tend to be centered on a person, often called an agent or human agent. The person may not be aware of creating this disturbance, so it seems to work on an unconscious level.
If true, this, to me, shows that the program is hackable and that the program is consciousness itself. It would appear that the waking consciousness is just the witnessing aspect of the program, but there lies a deep -- perhaps infinitely deep -- aspect to it, all of which is apparently accessible and malleable.
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