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Reading Digital Consciousness Now Options
Posted: Saturday, December 15, 2018 8:43:47 AM

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Jim, thanks for the shout out to the Universe Solved forum regulars. Nice to know you still care.

So, this is day 2 since it has been out. I tend not to "binge" in my reading or TV watching. After all books are ultimately meant to be both educational and entertaining. I guess I still like the entertainment part and a certain amount of anticipation in my life is desirable. So, I like to take my time and savor a few things - putting it down purposely at some of the most anticipation filled moments.

I think all of our "programs" (we are programs) have been given some base parameters "personality settings" and the rest goes from there. I am still not to the part yet where your book explains that the universe (or "universal programmers") wanted us to become more than the program. They want us to become more self-aware about this nature of reality and ourselves. In other words, the universe is lonely. It wants some company, but writing the program for potential is a difficult task for the Universe.

Oh, I think the universe is rooting for us. And, I think the universe is calling to us and wants us to to step into this higher realm, but cannot take us there. Such a programmed and deterministic resolution would defeat the purpose of the program in the first place.

Our programs have in a way asked us to get there ourselves. It is like the silhouette graphic on the cover of Digital Consciousness - it looks like a man (I don't know). Is he walking up the stairs into the light or coming down the stairs out of the light into the room?

My first perception was definitely down and out. (I wonder if that says something about my programming parameters?) Now looking at it again, I think it might have been intended to be up and in. Either way I am meant to exceed my programming, but few in life ever do (or ever will). So I will enjoy this little tidbit of information along the way. Thanks Jim for dropping the bread crumbs with your new book. Who knows if you or I or anybody will ever find our way out of the forest or if the carrion eating birds will just gobble up the bread crumbs and my existence. But perhaps down and out (or back into the room) is the solution all along. Enjoy your journeys. I will let you know what I think of yours when I am done reading the book.
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