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Merry Christmas Happy Holidays! Options
Posted: Monday, December 23, 2019 10:58:35 PM

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Hello all,

To everyone I wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Festivus, whatever floats your boat. I wish everyone and their families a wonderful season. I will be taking a couple weeks off from being online. But next year, I plan to continue with the newfound energy in this forum. I have a blog on "Wigner's Friend" all queued up, but ran out of time to create the hyperlinks.

We live in interesting times, getting more interesting by the year. And I truly believe that many of the forum members here are very much aligned with what will ultimately prove to be the defining paradigm of the 21st century!

Cheers to all
Posted: Monday, January 06, 2020 11:19:49 AM
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I hope you all had a very merry Xmas. I read your latest blog, Jim, and I was impressed. Keep them coming, pal.

We've had strange things continue to happen to us these last few weeks...

It all started several months ago with that poltergeist activity that I wrote about in another post. Then after them incidents our main widescreen TV started playing up. It kept switching itself off and then a red LED light would start blinking on and off. Probably a hardware fault, I reckon. It kept doing this so we had to plug in our back-up smaller TV.

Then about a month ago my brother's laptop started malfunctioning, so he took it to a repair shop but they were unable to fix it. Then a few weeks before Xmas my main PC computer (mini tower) started playing up and would not re-boot, and started making these beep code noises. I thought, OH NO, what now?! Anyway, I unplugged it from the mains several times and even left it overnight unplugged hoping the following day it would boot up properly, but NO. I tried again and connected it up to the mains and as soon as I did I heard this bang and saw a flash come from the PSU area and that was it, I think it's done for. I am hoping there is a way to retrieve all the files and videos, etc, I had stored on the hard drive. I had so much stored on it and it would be such a shame if all that data is lost. Or maybe the PSU just needs replacing... any ideas, guys?

So yeah, electrical items playing up in our house and the laptop at my brother's flat. Our lives just get weirder. Btw, I'm having to use my laptop I bought a few months ago to browse the internet now. Good job I purchased one, eh! LOLZ

And something else is happening to me... I keep seeing 111 connected to Christianity now more than ever. So, Christianity and Biblical theology have become a big research area for me. I'm mainly looking into the fundamentals of Christianity at the moment though, like Christian teleology/eschatology and Jesus (was he the son of God, did he do miracles, etc), prophecies. One thing with Christian eschatology is it sounds very similar to the Omega Point idea! You know, people resurrected, no more pain and suffering, we become enlightened, etc. Yeah, the parallels are quite amazing. I'll start a new post soon regarding my experiences...

Btw, happy new year, y'all. This new decade should be fun :)
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