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Manmade earthquakes Options
Posted: Tuesday, January 04, 2011 11:26:26 AM

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Just food for thought...
The recent anomalies of fish, then bird deaths gives me pause.
What I find most interesting about this anomaly is that both of them,
one from the AIR and one from the WATER, point to something else.
That you cannot have these kinds of anomalies without something else.
A causal link of some kind...

I think all of us here know this is not a coincidence?!
Naturally, we are curious since the facts don't fit
the model of the Universe we all have developed over the years, which
is generally broader than what most people can see.


I look to the ground. The USGS website has recorded some very, very
intersting minor quake activity, all located right on top of each
other in one tight spot.
This is the third anomaly.
These quakes have been recorded about week prior to the bird deaths
right around the fish deaths.
Typically, minor quakes will not release that much EM, or Geomagnetic
energy to cause this kind of telltale biological reaction.

This one town in Arkansas at: 35.288N, 92.335W also happens to have
a good sized high voltage power line running along it, pointed towards
the New Madrid fault line N.E. of it.

So we have these facts to consider;
1.) fish and bird deaths grouped together in one weeks time, centered
around the same geographic location.
2.) half a dozen small earthquakes all at one spot 35dN,92dW
3.) high voltage power lines just happen to be in the same spot
4.) the New Madrid fault line is just N.E. of this sticking point, and
a major hot springs lies in the direct opposite location S.W.
5.) HAARP like facilities have been long speculated to cause earth quakes
and would have a EM side band that could influence #1 above.

If I lived in that general area, I'd be watching the local papers
Jim Birkland style, for lost pet increases, and if noted. I'd leave
the area.
Posted: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 10:40:34 PM

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Arkansas Earthquakes puzzle the Geological Survey. Maybe some new clues here?
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