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the first physical movement Options
Posted: Monday, May 21, 2012 10:21:58 AM
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what could the original with a capital O movement have been that physical matter attempted when first realizing in some sense for instance a reaction of some kind to some stimulus of course i am speaking in this instance on a cellular microscopic basis that for whatever physical response was made whether programmed or not or as i am mostly convinced there was a collective self awareness causing electromagnetic synapses to create movement away from an uncomfortable environment it became aware of for any reason eg. heat-light cold and all the other disturbances that would cause movement to begin seems to be for me anyway pointing towards squirming or wiggling

now what has been put forth for the very first environment that life started in---
for all my friends who support the progrty way of thought i welcome your import here and although i am not convinced any particular way yet at the age of 76 i will admit though that progrty has a hell of alot of good points

in this instance i am limiting my query to earth and i am not so sure that life started in some liquid fluid like that found around sea vents or bubbling ponds on the surface or any other kinds of fluid---then what other sort of environment is left on the early earth for cellular life to begin--what about electrical storms and i am not speaking here of the old linkage of lightning strikes in algae ponds what about the origin of the lightning itself---

what happens at the moment the particles realize they should comingle and result in a lightning bolt?
didn't i see somewhere visuals of electromagnetic particles from an electronuclear microscope and they were squirming and wiggling around--
who knows-----i don't know ---i don't have the patience to check out the web but i do have the patience for this i guess
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