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God's VR world Options
Posted: Thursday, January 14, 2010 2:10:07 AM
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Poet1960 wrote:
In order to test the limits of our loyalty to him, we are set up in a VR world and made to believe we have a physical body with all the sensory input that we have. It would certainly explain some of the strange passages found in the Bible.


I presume that you are a devoted christian...maybe What bible says is true, i personally do not believe in religious stuff..but der might be a lil truth in those books!!!If God really is using VR to test our loyality why is it that he sends us into this world with nothing except for our brain and senses.... why cant he send us with a copy of bible or any other religious book!! Well he doesnt do that ... Religion was created by Man... People say we come into this world with nothing and will leave this world with nothing....dey are wrong!!!! We come into this world with our 5 senses and consciousness...... if god ever truly gave us anything..its those 5 senses and a conscience (emotions)...!!! so i think all that your God wants u to do is to experience Life to its fullest....Live it and enjoy every bit of it...the bad and the good!!!!!!!

PS:When I say God ... I dont mean it in the classical sense!!!
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