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one matrix but multiple simulations!!! Options
Posted: Sunday, January 3, 2010 8:21:12 PM
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The idea of living in a simulated world has been given a lotta importance in the ancient scriptures of hindus…. they called it “ THE MAYA”….Where everything is controlled by a superior being (or GOD)…..there is no right or wrong…..according to “bhagavat Gita” (one of the holy book of the hindus) we only have dharma(duty)…. or choices(as said by the oracle in the movie matrix)
That being said…here is a certain theory that i have been working on…its based on the eastern philosophies of hinduism, buddhism ,the pagan teachings of ancient europe and countless formulated and well established theories i have come across on virtual reality, Boson particle, string theory, uncertainity principle, quantum physics,..etc.
We are all conscious beings…and every consious being creates its own world!!!!…it interprets the information around it in its own way….!!But humans are the highest forms of consiousness(in our realities….more on this later)..we have created standards and even control the reality of other beings.
Consider a simulated world in which the sky is red in colour!! lets introduce a conscious being say Mr.X into this world…..he with his power of perception finds the sky in a different colour, lets say blue(*but in acutality its red in colour…)…he coins the word blue to describe the colour of the sky!!! Now another consious being Mr.Y is inroduced into this world..he with his own power of perception sees the sky in a colour different from blue, lets say yellow, but before he can get on with the job of coining names for colours Mr.X interacts with Mr.Y and tells him the sky is blue in colour…So Mr.Y gives the name blue to the colour of the sky(*eventhough what he actually sees is yellow…)….Now whenever Mr.X and Mr.Y come across a red coloured object they see different colours….but will agree on seeing the same colour, blue…the only way Mr.X can acertain that Mr.Y sees the same colour as him is by becoming Mr.Y!!
In other words Mr.X and Mr.Y live in 2 different worlds but agree on living in the same world…..!!!!!
Okay …. everything seems to be in order and harmony here..lets spice it up and introduce a lil chaos into the lives of our lab rats :P !!!….. Another consious being Mr.Z has been kept in complete isolation from Mr.X and Mr.Y all this while….this Mr.Z also sees the sky differently in a colour different from red, blue and yellow, say green. So in the absence of interaction with Mr.X and Mr.Y…he calls this colour green(*remember the sky is still red in colour from our perspective)!!!Now..what if Mr.Z was to stumble upon Mr.Y and Mr.X….Kaboom…all hell’s gonna break loose…. Mr.X is gonna disagree with Mr.Z and Mr.Y who has his world defined by Mr.X will support Mr.X…… Mr.Z will be casted out as being crazy!!!!!
The same can hold true in our world…..maybe we’all live in different worlds….but have our worlds defined by our textbooks and media (Mr.X)…. anybody who acts different is considered a pyscho or a deviant (Mr.Z)……how will we ever know…???

Iam not sure as to how well i could express my thoughts on this matter…..but iam open to discussions and arguments…..I might be nuts…but all Iam looking for is answers….!!!! :)
Posted: Monday, January 18, 2010 8:09:19 PM

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Ok it seems as if most users of these forums are open minded enough to accept the fact that what we perceive is just our own point of view and associations of programmed events. Events maybe programmed such as a Rooster waking you up at a certain time, or the Sun aligning with the Galctic Center on December 12, 2012.

External events may happen because they are already programmed and we are experiencing subjectively and differently, the execution of loops of events. Possibly the actions are already made and we can only interpret those actions as we perceive to be realizing them or understand why we have made a choice or action.

Now that that's out of the way, and you can accept it. You can have fun with it. Experiencing desired posibilities, within your chosen limits. Attempting to survive after jumping off a 100 story building is fun if you have a parachute and the skills required.

I believe there is no I, no self. There is only behaviors (processes). What you think you are is what you think you can do, experience and create.

The idea that there is a God controlling every single action and process in the Universe is a statement which is false and true. Think about it if you were a super High consciousness being who creates a program like Sim city, Can you imagine the Game engine that this I would create. Doesn't matter how advanced it is , because it has to keep evolving or upgrading, (changing).

It's so developed that every scenario and any scenario is possible within this Game Engine being run with a Mind so advanced that it is like a Quantum Computer.
All that's left is to do whatever, since it's all done, might as well drive the experience or be driven.

Stop wanting, better to receive. Like Morpheous said "Stop trying to hit me and hit me"

If he can do it , you can do it. If you want a Super Hot girlfriend, become the guy that naturally attracts Super Hot Women. Remember that guy is just running different processes than you, run them as well. If you want a Big Plasma TV to watch sports be the guy that watches sports on a Big Plasma TV. No need to follow the herd's "rules" or expectations. Focus on what you want and become it.

An easy example: You are a couch potato, you are in the lower economic class. If thats the process you want to keep running all the time then great, if it's not then great. If you feel you have no choice then great, You are running the process where you are being a couch potato who feels they have no choice but to be a couch potato belonging to the lower economic class. It's all free will, there must be some reason why you are choosing to be a couch potato over being the active, physical, social person who the couch potato watches on TV or reads about.
Live and let live.

Here is a link that may or may not guide you to taking control of your Processes (belief systems, matrix). The free ebook Fringe knowledge contains knowledge on the Author's perception of the Game engine that we call reality.

Here is a link that shows How using Neuro Linguistic Programming one can trigger desired behaviors from other limited consciousnes, i's all about what drives them.

We are the gamers constantly programming our experience
Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 4:14:26 PM
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Fringe Knowledge, only had time to just start reading this. I like this, it on my reading list for this weekend.
I only got as far as the part about dreams. I've always been interested in trying to improve my dream recall and writing down some of the more memorable dreams I've had.
Crazy stuff.
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