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some thoughts on parallel universes and the neccesity of their being self limiting by virtue of their creation Options
Posted: Sunday, September 25, 2011 7:36:04 AM
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May I say, I came across this forum and website by pure accident and virtue of Brooks Agnews X squared a radio archives. I then came across a query on this forum regarding the problems of the existence of parallel universes. . now, being of a metaphysical turn of mind, the immediate thought that came to me, was this. assuming parallel universe do exist, then the query was voiced by someone as to where the energy comes from in order for one reality to split forming a parallel version of itself. and the problem of limitation in terms of any reality, vis a vis sets of laws , is cited also.
now, I posit this set of ideas. could it be that there is an infinite field of energy, latent, in any volume of space. that our idea of volume and limitation may in fact, be in error when we see things from a greater plane of vision. and if then we do have a splitting of realities forming -in theory-an infinite number of parallel universes, I suggest that by virtue of the act of their creation, a self limiting set of laws will be created simply by virtue of the act of creating this new reality., therefore each universe or time-line if you like, has its own boundaries set simply by the very act of its splitting of from whatever absolute reality/universe it has come from. thus, if we break a glass, and each shard is spread over the floor, they are all limited and of finite structure, both by their absolute nature and by reason of the overall structure of the original glass they came from. therefore, we can never have chaos and infinite lack of cohesion, as each reality that splits off. or in process of its splitting is therefore formed with its own limitation and laws .

as to the actual existence of parallel time lines and universes, i have no idea. but, assuming, and this by other people, s ideas, that the original universe they split from will at some future point re absorb them, thus bringing about th original unity. however the question then remains, how many universes are there, - not parallel but actual, shall we say,-- let alone dimension and planes of existence, Are these able to split into parallel realities and time lines, as well, and what are the laws that govern this process.

I hope this is of interest to someone, forgive the convolutions in the above arguments.
Posted: Friday, September 30, 2011 2:20:27 PM

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Hi Nicky,

Your post, as you admitted, is kind of "convoluted"

Here is a list of some of my thoughts (questions) about your post. Perhaps in replying to one or more of my thoughts, you can communicate a little better and steer me in your way of thinking.

1. I do not see the "energy problem" as a problem. I like to think of it rather as an issue of causation -- i.e. what causes anything to "be?" What really is matter? What really is energy? In an alternate sense -- energy and matter themselves could be something completely different. This energy matter thing is just how it works in our reality. Something and nothing are merely cognitive concepts we use to make sense of our existence.

2. This idea that alternate (parallel) universes have to "split off" one from another might not be the only way there could be more than one reality. It depends on your definition of "is." Perhaps there is no "is" in the sense you think.

3. Programmed reality allows for any number of universes because all reality becomes more personal within the program. The program is unique to us as individuals. Begin with the axiom that by very definition, my reality is not the same as your reality -- i.e. I have no idea who you are and you no idea about me. Our worlds simply do not require us to experience the world in exactly the same way. The only connection we have right now is the ground under our feet and the words we both see in this web based forum. If we ever meet, only then do our realities have to coincide enough so that we won't experience too many inconsistencies. These "inconsistencies" I simply call the "fringes" -- borrowing from Carl Sagan, "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

4. Programmed reality solves many of the alternate reality problems, because your life experiences can be whatever they are and can have absolutely nothing to do with my reality. I prefer to call this part of programmed reality "cognitive causality" -- which is similar to parallel universes, but does not require infinite universes based on alternate probabilities. Alternate realities are only required for the number of "true players" in this reality. -- I think therefore I am -- so I am sentient -- and therefore I know that I am a "real" player in this reality. But, anyone else, including you -- could just be a designed character. Of course, if you know that you are sentient, it could be me who is nothing more than a designed character in the matrix.

5. Back to causation, the programmed reality still has the problem of -- who created the program?
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