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Quantum electrodynamics + Biology = Who am I ? Options
Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2012 9:41:35 PM

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Quantum electrodynamics + Biology = Who am I ?

Cells make copies of themselves.
Different cells make different copies of themselves.
Cells come in all shapes and sizes.
Somehow these different cells are tied between themselves
and during pregnancy process of 9 months gradually ( ! )
and by chance ( or not by chance ) they change own
geometrical form from zygote to a child.
Cells come in all shapes and sizes, and then . . . they are you.
Cells they are you ( !? )
This is modern biomechanical /chemical point of view.
Maybe 99% agree that ‘Cells - they are you .’
But this explanation is not complete.
Cells have an energy / electrical potential.
Cells have an electromagnetic field.
Therefore we need to say:
‘ Cells and electromagnetic field - they are you.’
Is this formulation correct?
Of course it is correct.
Bioelectromagnetism (sometimes equated with bioelectricity)
refers to the electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields
produced by living cells, tissues or organisms.

What does it mean?
It means there isn’t biological cell without electromagnetic fields.
It means that in the cell we have two ( 2 ) substances:
matter and electromagnetic fields.
And in 1985 Richard P. Feynman wrote book:
QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter
The idea of book - the interaction between light
( electromagnetic fields ) and matter is strange.
He wrote: ‘ The theory of quantum electrodynamics
describes Nature as absurd from the point of view
of common sense. And it agrees fully with experiment.
So I hope you accept Nature as She is — absurd. ‘
/ page 10. /

Once again:
Cells and electromagnetic field - they are you.
We cannot understand their interaction and therefore
we don’t know the answer to the question: ‘ who am I ?’
Where does electromagnetic field come from ?
In 1904 Lorentz proved: there isn’t electromagnetic field
( em waves ) without Electron
It means the source of these em waves must be an Electron
The electron and the em waves they are physical reality
Can evolution of consciousness begin on electron’s level?
Origin of life is a result of physical laws that govern Universe
Electron takes important part in this work.
1900, 1905
Planck and Einstein found the energy of electron: E=h*f.
Sommerfeld found the formula of electron : e^2=ah*c,
it means: e = +ah*c and e = -ah*c.
Dirac found two more formulas of electron’s energy:
+E=Mc^2 and -E=Mc^2.
According to QED in interaction with vacuum electron’s
energy is infinite: E= ∞
Why does the simplest particle - electron have six ( 6 ) formulas ?
Why does electron obey five ( 5) Laws ?
a) Law of conservation and transformation energy/ mass
b) Maxwell’s equations
c) Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle / Law
d) Pauli Exclusion Principle/ Law
e) Fermi-Dirac statistics.
Nobody knows.

What is an electron ?
Now nobody knows
In the internet we can read hundreds theories about electron
All of them are problematical.
We can read hundreds books about philosophy of physics.
But how can we trust them if we don’t know what is an electron ?
Ladies and Gentlemen !
Friends !
The banal Electron is not as simple as we think and, maybe,
he is wiser than we are.
According to Pauli Exclusion Principle
only one single electron can be in the atom.
This electron reanimates the atom.
This electron manages the atom.
If the atom contains more than one electron (for example - two)
then this atom represents a " Siamese twins".
Save us, the Great God, of having such atoms, such children. ( ! )
Each of us has an Electron, but we do not know it. ( ! )
Question: Can consciousness be introduced into physics?
Electron gives the answer to this question.
Brain and Electron.
Human brain works on two levels:
consciousness and subconsciousness. The neurons of brain
create these two levels. So, that it means consciousness and
subconsciousness from physical point of view ( interaction
between billions and billions neurons and electron).
It can only mean that the state of neurons in these two
situations is different.
How can we understand these different states of neurons?
How does the brain generate consciousness?
We can understand this situation only on the quantum level,
only using Quantum theory. But there isn’t QT without
Quantum of Light and Electron. So, what is interaction between
Quantum of Light, Electron and brain ?
Nobody knows.
Maybe therefore Michael Talbot wrote:
‘ Contrary to what everyone knows it is so, it may not be
the brain that produce consciousness, but rather consciousness
that creates the appearance of the brain - . . . .’
/ Book ‘ The Holographic Universe’ page 160. by Michael Talbot./
We are cells + Electron. ( ! )
We must understand not only the cells, brain but electron too.
And when we understand the Electron
we will know the Ultimate Nature of Reality.

Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus
Posted: Monday, October 1, 2012 9:41:42 PM

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thanks for sharing your ideas, socratus. And welcome to the forum!
Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 9:17:34 PM

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jim wrote:
thanks for sharing your ideas, socratus. And welcome to the forum!

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