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how the matrix is shaped constantly Options
Posted: Sunday, March 8, 2009 2:37:28 PM

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I honestly ignore if what the person in the video is saying is 100%

But he does explain how we can actually shape our matrix and affect others
He explains how we have been controlled by having programming shoved directly into our viewpoint, so as to trap us into believing that if we want to be in peace we must do it only in their own way. Because they actually know about the matrix and have known how to interact and create their sick little worlds were they are the kings and queens and we are forced to live in their point of view.

They have done a succesfull job by controlling our communications (even our thoughts) with fear, hate, war, censorship, propaganda, tv, commercials, drugs, religion, education, pop culture etc.

Here is the link
illusion of time and space

But remember we all have the power to change our reality , We must be wise and adapt to the current situation we live in, but by joining others and the development of the spirit, mind and body we can change that. I personally prefer to focus on the things I want there to be in my reality;than hate and focus on that which is an obstacle.
Obstacles should be acknowledged and overcome correctly and swiftly, while focusing always on the goal

We are the gamers constantly programming our experience
Posted: Monday, March 9, 2009 7:44:15 PM
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Interesting documentary about David Icke:

There is no spoon.
Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 3:31:20 PM

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Wow! It always amazes me when I find out about something that has been so mainstream pop culture, but I knew nothing about it. This David Icke and the illuminati and all the conspiracy theories are mind blowing!

The great thing is that the "Universe Solved" programmed reality is such an easier and much more plausible explanation for everything -- rather than Icke's reptilian humans.

I am not taking away from anything David Icke has talked about, but it all kind of seems like the blind men in the room with the elephant story -- you know the one where each blind man gives a completely different description of what the elephant is -- one touching his trunk says its like a snake, the one touching the side says its a wall, the one touching the leg says its a tree.

David Icke experiences how the programmed reality has shaped his experience and deduces that it is a conspiracy. Then he learns that many others have uncovered similar experiences over many centuries -- that simply confirms for him this natural state of things in his reality.

Yet isn't it much more plausible that his experiences -- my experiences -- and your experiences ... are simply in this program where there also exists non-player humans? (see "men-in-black" posts on this forum).
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