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My question to the Oracle- "What about the theory that the Universe is a Hologram" Options
Posted: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 5:00:43 AM
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Hexagram 58 - Tui / The Joyous, Lake (no changing lines).

From page 224 of the I-Ching or Book of Changes, The Richard Wilhelm translation:


The joyous. Success.
Perseverance is favorable.


Lakes resting one on the other:
The image of THE JOYOUS.
Thus the superior man joins with his friends
For discussion and practice.

A lake evaporates upward and thus gradually dries up; but when two lakes are joined they do not dry up so readily, for one replenishes the other. It is the same in the field of knowledge. Knowledge should be a refreshing and vitalizing force. It becomes so only through stimulating intercourse with congenial friends with whom one holds discussion and practices applications of the truths of life. In this way learning becomes many-sided and takes on a cheerful lightness, whereas there is always something ponderous and one-sided about the learning of the self-taught."

This Hexagram is very auspicious, but I'll leave the reader to decide if that is so!! Just to be clear, I believe that I am channelling this information from the 'Logos' via my own subconscious ( I mean the hexagram number not the text!). You could say that the Logos is the "Observer over ALL Observers"
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