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People collapsing and cardio problems Options
Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2022 5:25:23 PM

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What is going on, guys?!

Super fit soccer players, athletes, young people collapsing, heart attacks, etc. There's no question there's been an increase in these incidents. The latest video I saw was of a comedienne named Heather McDonald, and she's doing her routine. She starts bragging about how many vaccines she's had. She then says, 'Clearly, Jesus loves me the most'. She then begins to stumble, and then she goes down like a sack of potatoes! I could not believe what I was seeing. Link - (warning - graphic content) -

People don't usually just collapse like that for no reason. She even stated in her hospital bed how she'd never fainted before in her entire life. So something very fishy is going on here. There's a huge spate of these incidents and they did seem to start after the Covid vaccines were rolled out. I know some individuals say it's because of 'Long Covid', but I don't believe so. One reason is that some vaccines were actually linked to myocarditis, so some / all the vaccines could well be the culprit.

Btw, comedienne Heather McDonald suffered a fractured skull so it was a serious fall. Strange though isn't it how she passed out just after saying, 'Clearly, Jesus loves me the most'. It was like some kind of divine punishment. Like the Hand of God knocked her out for her spouting such nonsense. I've noticed a few people like her who've suffered after promoting the Covid vaccines. Poetic justice?! Seems like it to me.

Also, check out this (PART 11, YES, PART 11!!!!. How many more are gonna be affected.... Again, graphic warning) -
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