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Has CG finally crossed Uncanney Valley? Options
Posted: Saturday, July 3, 2010 1:56:45 PM

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The Image Metrics "Emily Project." Has CG finally crossed uncanny valley?
Posted: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 6:56:08 PM
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I like "her" irony at the end - "it sucks..we've a long way to's terrible." It's pretty obvious that this is very impressive indeed.

There is no spoon.
Posted: Friday, September 10, 2010 12:28:31 AM

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A full spectrum copy is made by a "real" person.

A life like program character can just be confined to a screen.

Or the program can be transferred into full holographic perception mode.

Or the program character can be transferred into full robotic form.
Classic 1920s depiction of energy rings of nanotechnology applying a human like skin covering onto a robot.

The Fifth Element depicts something far beyond skin grafting. Instead of growing a new limb, an entire body is regrown from
a remaining hand.
Once a VR template is made from the surviving DNA-RNA "bleuprint", a whole new body is grown with nanotechnology dramatically
speeding up the process.

Kurzweil is logical about data compression & certainly that can work for lots of graphics,etc. PZM says that not only would you need all the information, but that it has to occure in the right sequence.
I assume even at the quantum level, which of course gets into the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.
So if one is just running a simulation, its a matter of how much detail it will contain.
Just like with teleportation, so much data would have to be scanned at the nano & quantum level. Although people are starting to
have a grasp of the implications of GPS for earth, it would be difficult for most to comprehend something like a nano version of GPS. Especially a quantum temporal tracking version for teleportation,etc.

At least by the early 21st century, people really started to realize photography & digital imaging can provide a precise copy of anyone. I'm fascinated that even in primitive times, some people had an uneasy sense about their reflected light being captured into a picture.
Today, technology can make it look like you said or did something you didn't.

"Many Native American cultures believe that the soul can be endangered by photography. Crazy Horse strictly forbade his picture being taken, and in fact no photos of him were ever taken while he was still alive. In certain Mayan cultures, photography is feared, especially when it might involve photographing infants whose souls are considered too fragile and susceptible to many avenues of being separated from the body."

Unlike machines & other inorganic structures, consciousness as we know it, can only link to organic material to form "physical"
Never the less, this material universe is a running program & earth might not be the only world for consciousness to experience life on.
People are like packets consciousness that are born into biological bodies.
If another body is created as a temporary link for that consciousness, then its just a matter of it accessing
that new body. So the end of the first movie shows that the consciousness of Corporal Jake Sully has been
permanently transferred into his living avatar.
Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright goes through a similar transformation like Peter Weller as Police Officer
Alex Murphy did in RoboCop. A human becoming a cyborg isn't the same as a robot trying to simulate being
Of course an advanced robot or human replicant could be programed to think that its always been human.
Some of the Cylons in BSG were also set this way.

The concept of + & - robots has been around for quite a while now

In so many ways now, VR can provide a representation of the universe at large. However, the overall cosmic OS
remains elusive. We are just gradually assembling components of a vast multidimensional data puzzle.

"Welcome to the desert of the real."
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