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We each Programmed our Life in the Astral Realm? Options
Posted: Sunday, July 4, 2010 5:48:57 PM

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I just finished reading (Ok just listening to my computer read it for me) a book called Beautiful Dreamer
It's about the dream world and how it can affect a person in his waking life.

You can download it free here: Beautiful Dreamer link

It talks about the Dream Realm being in the Astral Realm. It's based on metaphysical theories and Lucid Dreaming, NDE, OBE etc.

It is very congruent with information from this site:Near Death Experience Site

If you want to read the book ignore the following because it's kind of a spoiler for the final chapters.

The point given in this book at the end is that each person has deliberately created their own life experiences and the choices to make at each moment.
A Life Script.
But it is more like each person programmed their own Non-Linear RPG game with different choices at different moments leading to a different storyline , but with the purpose of always encountering scenarios that will develop a soul trait such as Learning to Love, Learning to fight, Learning to lead, Learning science, etc.
Most of all learning to evolve from the previous predominant nature of Basic Animalistic Desires.

So each person reincarnates on Earth until their soul is at a high enough level with certain traits to move up to Higher Planes of existence.

This is kind of refreshing since the only theories of Programmed Reality I had heard before this are that people are born innocent and get bombarded with information that programs them to behave in a certain way, and are being manipulated to serve some agenda.

This books' view is that Each person knows beforehand what kind of experience they will have and even if its tough it is to bring out certain traits and lessons to learn that are needed for their true self , So getting too attached to the avatar is like the geeky kid who is Careless of his life because he spends too much time on Second Life or World oF Warcraft, or on the avatar that is their Professional name amount of money earned etc.

It gave me a pretty acceptable view of what Programmed Reality is except that I do not Know If the Astral Realm is also a Programmed Reality or if it is where Free Will can be expressed more fully. I guess that you earn skills on Earth to be able to do more stuff in The Astral Realm but thats just my view.

Made this thread on Programmed Reality Philosophy to learn others' point of view on this subject , That we each created our experience

We are the gamers constantly programming our experience
Posted: Monday, July 5, 2010 1:15:40 PM

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Hello A14I\I,

Thanks for sharing the Beautiful Dreamer ideas and the NDE link. There is actually a very strong confluence of ideas that come from many disparate sources, namely:

1, Teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism
2. Edgar Cayce's readings while in a trance
3. Reports from psychologists who performed hypnotic regression on patients

None of these sources supposedly knew of the existence of the others, and yet what they describe is unexpectedly common. Here is an excerpt from my book:

"Buddhists and Hindus believe in a more cyclical model – one that teaches that reincarnation occurs freely between humans, animals, and spiritual beings. Karma is the sum total of experience in all lives and in various ways helps to determine your next life. Each incarnation is a chance to develop your soul and incarnations occur until one has reached the nirvana state of liberation. It is interesting that the son of a Kentucky farmer named Edgar Cayce came up with the same beliefs with no apparent training in eastern religions, but rather, by slipping into a trance and communicating with so-called spirit entities. Psychologists such as Brian Weiss, Bruce Goldberg, and Erik Fisher have also stumbled upon the same theories while treating patients who “regressed” to previous lives or to the state in between lives. These patients supposedly also had no familiarity with these concepts. So, it seems that there is a confluence of ancient and modern thought from a wide variety of cultures through the world and throughout time. The key points of this collective belief system are:

• There is a soul and an afterlife.

• When you die, you meet with “spirit guides” in the “astral plane” who help you design your next life, the objective being to improve the universal qualities of your soul.

• Gender may be swapped from life to life.

• The people who play significant roles in your various lives tend to be your soul mates, those who travel from life to life with you; e.g. in this life you are female and have a husband, who may have been your mother or a teacher in a past life, or your twin brother in a future life.

• There are multiple levels to the astral planes. In these realms, there is no time. All happens at the same time. Future lives, past lives, are all simultaneous in the spirit realm. Time is a physical construct.

• Souls enjoy occupying a body because only then can they have sensory experiences.

• The cycle repeats until you achieve spiritual perfection, at which point you may be a spirit guide or become one with the universal spirit, although admittedly this seems to conflict with the idea of timelessness."

Posted: Monday, July 5, 2010 2:18:44 PM
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Crap, just today I was writing in my journal, about Buddhism and Hinduism, Tulpa and Maya.
Coincidence? Think
Well, all of us posting here already know coincidence to be a scientifically defined thing. Think
Posted: Wednesday, July 7, 2010 12:31:12 AM

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Yes In the book and on the NDE site a theme of there being no space and no time is recurrent.
Some NDErs have said that in this place all Knowledge is easily accesible and known.
The Akashic records may be based on this.
Some NDErs even have a life review and they experience all their actions and have a total awareness , In my opinion they are experiencing 4D+ awareness since they can experience events in their life from the perspective of the other person, a third person viewpoint. With ability to jump forwards or backwards in Time and Space.

But if the Akashic Records or whatever is the method to access any knowledge in the Universe , then one would only need to see some life reviews stored in the Records to learn and evolve the soul.

My opinion is that The only reason to come to earth is to feel like a newb again and create new records, new data.

Since the only way to create unpredictible results and behaviors is to be ignorant and make mistakes. Learn from them in order to discover new ways and paths to a desired result.

Just like there are different Math techniques to do division and they all achieve the same answer. Like Vedic Mathematics for example.

We are the gamers constantly programming our experience
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