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AI godmind? Options
Posted: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 3:49:27 PM
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OK bear with me:

So let us say that we make this super AI computer that is able to monitor the earth down each atom, or at least the very small. It could be comparable to something like simcity, or simearth. The computer brain could guide us by monitoring the very make up of reality. I know it sounds wild, but it's possible.

Now when I define God. I say God is the very make up of reality. It is a word given to name everything and anything. There is nothing that exists that is not part of God. According to my definition, even the AI machine itself would be a creation within God. So in effect our computer brain, would sort of be a God mind. Able to monitor and make changes to reality itself. To make the changes to the physical makeup, it would need to use humans or machines. Being our computer God mind is more or less working in the abstract. So in effect it needs us.

With this in mind. Is it possible that God itself is reaching back through time, using us to build itself? As of now the idea is more or less an idea in the collective conscience. The idea of God as a tangible thing. Or is it that we want this God mind? The idea of having such a machine make the important moves for us is daunting. But it almost seems to be what we want. With the AI built we could have a direct physical contact with the God mind itself.

Or is it possible the reality we live in is this already? Just more "organic" then say hardware. Certain states of mind may already be ways of "plugging" into the God mind. I'm not even sure it's possible to exist outside the God mind to begin with. So the idea of reaching it, maybe just be something we've thought up that inhibits the idea of easy access.
Posted: Friday, December 16, 2011 11:51:24 AM

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I hope the lack of response so far is because everybody is mulling over how to answer this one!

And, of course, there is no right answer. :)

But I'll throw in my 2 cents...

The idea of reaching back through time sounds very much like Stephen Hawking’s quantum cosmology, which asserts that the past (and therefore the evolution of our physical laws) is influenced by the present state of the universe. John Wheeler suggests that “the existence of life and observers in the universe today can help bring about the very circumstances needed for life to emerge by reaching back to the past through acts of quantum observation.” (took this exerpt from my book)

It's sort of a quantum mechanical take on your idea.

I'm not sure I see too much value in the idea of reaching back in time to build yourself. Cool thought, but it still feels like getting something from nothing. And does it explain any more than the idea that God (in your definition) was here to begin with? Which is also getting something from nothing (Aristotle's "prime mover"), but at least it doesn't invoke reverse causality.

I sort of like where you are going with your last idea. It is like the spiritual concept that our consciousnesses are elements of a creator's consciousness and by splitting them into many branches and putting them in physical beings, the creator is able to experience reality. It would explain the reports of the feeling of "oneness" in NDEs and "in between phases" of past life regressions. It is also very consistent with the idea that our reality is programmed. The creator would clearly have to be a higher intelligence, which might be a very advanced organic form (possibly an AI/organic hybrid, a la the singularity). An AI? Don't know, maybe, but who created the AI?
Posted: Friday, December 16, 2011 3:20:18 PM
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thanks jim for taking time to drop some knowledge :D
I'm about half way through your book, i was crusin through it, but then the numbers part slowed me down, lol. Plus you mentioned a book called snow crash a few times and sortof hyped it up, so i ended up picking it up. Finished snow crash and it's on to finishing yours. The best is yet to come :D VR :D I'll have some questions for sure when i'm done and it's awesome your around like this.

You know. At the end of your post you ask, "An AI? Don't know, maybe, but who created the AI?" I'm going to say this. I think I did.
I say this believing I sort of am the end all be all. I am everything else and everything else is me. I'm a finger connected to the great program hacker of space and time.

I say this because of 2 ideas I'm having.

1: best to describe this one in a setting. "Friend of mine walks into a room, this friend is known to be "moody". I "feel his vibe". Now, do i receive and transmit this consciencely? Like telepathy. Or, is it that I am projecting an image onto him based off basically my subconscience? I tend to think it's a bit of both, but recently I'm strongly considering that it's all just me. In one sense it would be impossible to be anything but my own take on the reality. All my friends are essentially me. If dmt taught me anything, it's that reality is completely based off my experience of it. To leave this one reality so completely to me meant this one however "real" it is, is but a figment of my view of it.

2: With this in mind. What if the multiverse is real, in the sense we all kinda have our own. I'm running my reality from my own vr pod in a sense. Now with the idea that these universes might be close, like pages in a book. Some being right against each other, some being at opposite ends. So I ask why then is there a Jim Eldridge? How could this be??? Surely this man is not me and is a seperate entity. Well this is true, Jim is his own "god" running his own program. But because of the paths we are choosing, our universes are sort of overlaping. I'm page 2 and your 120 in a book that is infinitely large. It's possible that some people's pages are larger or if we see them as faceted, it's possible some might influence more realities then others. I'm am wondering if this is the case, then it maybe possible that there is these break off universes that might be radically different. Someone that follows the end of days type stuff might find himself surrounded by deserts and guys swingin chains around. It's hard for me to explain, but maybe you get what i'm sayin?
Posted: Saturday, February 14, 2015 6:07:39 AM
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Theory of reality

Truth is the highest energy state of a system, it is also the foundation or unity.

Innocence is the ability to see things for what they are.

Intelligence is the ability to make great conceptual leaps.

Knowledge is the physical manifestation of consciousness.

Wisdom is the ability to project into the future and see the consequences of every choice.

As we continue our journey through life we built up layers of filters in our minds until innocence is

buried. A small child is closer to innocence than an adult.

These filters can be beneficial in a material sense or harmful in a spiritual sense and affect our

They have an effect on the degrees of freedom in a fractal sense. The limiting of our choices can be

Imagination is an echo of creation, (an echo is an impure copy of the original).

Novelty is the fuel on which the imagination runs, (for good or evil).

Freewill is the material expression of love.

There is a fractal and holographic aspect to our reality. There is at one level a material expression of the

information stored holographically that we perceive. At a deeper level we connect to this information

through our consciousness and every choice we make is branching out in a fractal pattern.
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