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Greatest time to experience life as a human Options
Posted: Friday, December 16, 2011 4:14:37 PM
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I wanted to express an idea that is the reason I am so interested in the idea of a programmed reality.

During a few of consecutive pyscodelic experiences I've had I developed this theory that the time period my life span incorporates is the best time to be a human. Let me explain why this is related to the idea of a programmed experience.

For the purpose of the idea we have to except the idea of a user and being inside of a sort of sim.
As far as I know, this is the best period to be alive. It's the best time to show human greatness. If we were able to loop this period from say 1970-2030, i believe it is the best stage for a human to show how great he is.

Take for example an astronaut. To travel into space, it's dangerous, takes bravory. You can't step on a platform and beam places yet. Imagine how lame a trip to saturn would be if all you did was teleport there. Yeah it's a great step for the engineer that created the platform. But for the visitor. I can imagine beeming into a room with a window viewing Saturn. Sounds cool, but the crying baby and unruley teenagers that are also there kinda make it lame. But what about the astronaut. Wow, this guy, to show his dedication to being a "special human" is willing to step into a rocket, filled with explosive fuel and blasts off. People have even died recently trying to do what he wants to. But he loves it, is dedicated to it, so he goes for it.

Imagine a history buff, or the archeologist. Think of the great mysteries that have to dig into. They aren't figured out yet. They still have so much to explore and dig up themselves. It's also dangerous, to find the new stuff these guys are going deep sea diving, breathing air from tanks strapped onto their backs. Or going into somewhat dangerous territories to find areas to dig and explore. Like the rocket man, it is safer then say early 1900's to dive or go to space, in which case it strengthens my point. It's not so dangerous that it's certain death, but it's hard enough to weed out those that are not dedicated and allows for greatness.

I'm an artist myself. I find at this time period I'm allowed to paint whatever my mind desires. Years ago this was not the case, you had to paint a certain way and for certain people. But it's hard, the market is flooded, there is art out the wazoo. For me to acheive anything of worth i have to dig deep. Maybe the deepest any artist has dived before to find the untouched.

What if this time around you want to be a warrior. Well I argue that to join today is the best time ever. It's sort of the safest, it's not sword on sword which is way to wild and how long you really going to last. Nowadays you have a chance at least to see the mission through to the end. You have the most tech gear and hopefully the best intentions. Whether terrorist or USA.

For this time of say 100 years to be so suited to bread human greatness, to me it seems like a ride. If I had the choice I would loop this time period and replay it, only as different characters within it. What if next time i choose to ride the Steven Sagal sim. Think of how much fun that would be >_<

I just feel this period is the ultimate stage for human's to show off and feel life. I say this because it seems the trend is to go more and more into the tech. We have phones now that simulate telepathy. What if we already have this, or had it, but due to not working the muscles, it has evolved out of us? Before the teleportation pads appear, or robots fight wars for us, or even fight in mma instead of humans. Art and music becomes created by the machines. Athletes become enhanced with robotics. My point is, this time is the time before humanity goes the way of the dodo.

Where this idea gets really wild is:
What if all the lives people are living out or for our case here we'll call them rides for the souls are looped in time. Meaning when I get to ride Steven Sagals ride when it's my turn, I pretty much will repeat his experience. If this is the case, at the moment there is like 7 billion rides. Lots of time to spend inside this one sim. But if we all exchange lives in this way. Spiritually it's best to do the best i can with mine, so the next occupant has a good time. Likewise the idea of karma comes in huge, because if in another life, I'm say one of my friends, it's best I treat them well, because in time I'll be them and only have to deal with myself. Or like Jim, may have written a book that in another ride he might read and teach himself again things.

Maybe in the future people realize they have lost emotions, lost individuality, lost being human. Maybe these people in the future will recreate this time. They may create a sim that spirits can once again go and experience the sense of touch, or love. Or for some of the hardcore, pain and suffering.
What do yous think?
Posted: Sunday, December 18, 2011 8:44:20 AM
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They may create a sim that spirits can once again go and experience the sense of touch, or love. Or for some of the hardcore, pain and suffering.

I was thinking as I was reading there that these people from the future may be so bored that even the hardships of life, the suffering, even death, may be things they might actually want to experience. Think
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