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Minecraft - the first simulated reality with the potential to fo further Options
Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 12:53:50 PM
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This is a game about nothing. I mean it like a giant lego playground virtual world. Its sold millions of copies and made its creator a fat rich asshole. They are complete buffoons, the rest of the modding community took this "game" to new heights.

Basically there are biomes, where certain types of trees and blocks are. There is jungle, desert, forest, ocean, plains etc. There are farm animals, wild animals etc. Some can be tamed, some can be bred for their leather, feathers, meat etc. You need food to survive. There are monsters that come out at night and try to destroy your creations or you. You can plant seeds grow plants, trees, mushrooms. You can mine certain ores and smelt them into different devices.

With these blocks people have made the most amazing architectural objects and worlds.. virtual paradises with waterfalls, farms, country retreats etc. Castles.

Since they added a stone called redstone there is the capability to "power" devices with pistons and lights. People have made LED displays and advanced circuits in game.

Then came buildcraft and industrialcraft that introduced automated mining, electical systems, solar, wind and nuclear power. The ability to pump fluids from lakes or even harness geothermal energy from the lava in the world.

People have made traps, adventures, puzzles, mazes, arenas. As people have been able to take their creativity within the rule limits of the game using simple blocks.

This is the prelude to us creating our own virtual reality. It is a ll blocks and fun but the modding community has already simualted ai villagers that harvest their own crops and upgrade their own buildings and trade with people, fight with other villages etc.

Each seed is a new landscape and new adventures to explore. This is what I think the universe is, but on a so much more complex level.

I suggest you look up you tube videos on Minecraft and some of the mods.
Posted: Monday, May 28, 2012 7:42:50 AM
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There is a small video that shows "some" of what you can do in this. This is just the basics.. here are some more showcase videos showing what people have done.

Some crazy structures..

Here's Minas Tirith

Some older but nice high res textures making it look a lot more realistic.

Remember whatever you want to craft you pretty much can with blocks. Its only a matter of time before the blocks in the game get smaller and more detailed. Its getting like simulated worlds you can edit and modify based on the rules it gives you... a small glance at what is coming to be possible with this tech..

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