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Multidimensional Consciousness Options
Posted: Saturday, September 29, 2012 2:42:44 AM

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Hello Programmed Reality Forums

Today I was thinking about the Multidimensional Universe. I must admit I have been influenced by Rob Bryanton's Imagining the Tenth Dimension and by Jim Elvidge's Programmed Reality.

And of course Video Games :d/ - Our current way of simulating Reality and manipulating it virtually in ways we cannot do in physical reality.

Just some analogies of how Multidimensional Consciousness might be, to get people inspired to discuss the Philosophies on Programmed Reality while thinking beyond sequence of events in an old school time flow.

* Note that I have my own view on how multidimensional consciousness might be that was influenced by these authors, but not necessarily matches their views 100%.

3d cannot exist without Duration (time)

As Rob Bryanton states. I also believe this because for how many seconds, days, years, time quanta does a 4cubic centimeter block of ice remains in that 3d shape and volume?

4d Has no free will, therefore no choice to change its state

The 4cc ice cube will melt (change state) at the same rate of space and time if the temperature is set at an exact temperature warmer than 0 degrees celsius. In a controlled environment where other variable such as wind, particles, atmospheric pressure are constant as well.

As Rob Bryanton states I also believe we humans are physically 5th dimensional beings, but we may be higher than that in our consciousness.

Why 5th dimensional?

We can move forward and backward or stay still in any of the 3 spacial dimensions , but time (duration) is the real independent variable it is moving regardless of our choices.

Similar to a Guitar Hero Game where once the part of the song where you have to press the correct buton has passed, it can no longer be rewinded, this in order to ensure continuity of the song being played.

Or a side scroller videogame where certain levels had the screen autoscrolling from right to left forcing the character to keep moving right or else be squashed.

If we were 6th dimensional:

We could manipulate the time (duration) dimension forward, backward, pause and slow or speed it up.

The Game Forza 4 is a great analogy on how you can Rewind back a few seconds in order to take a turn in a better way , or to rewind in order to keep racing as if you never crashed the car by going too fast on that last turn.

The Game Guitar Hero also provides an analogy as an option to play the song at Hyper speed which allows the track to scroll faster while the decision and skill to play or not the correct notes at the correct is up to the user.

7th dimensional

Just like a Video Editor can copy/paste frames in a video editing timeline. The 7th dimensional consciousness has the ability to copy/ paste space-time(duration) 4D quanta frames in a continuous sequence line .

Allowing an awesome Video to be created where different scenes are edited together to give the illusion that you nailed perfectly the entire Forza or Guitar Hero session.

This is currently done in audio editing where a musical track may have a copy/pasted versión of the best chorus sample that a singer recorded instead of having the track with different qualities of that repetitive chorus section.

8th dimensional

This is where I really feel challenged to describe it. Maybe its like editing a montage where instead of copy pasting frames from a sequentially congruent event. Instead diferent frames from different events are edited together with a narration or music to give it continuity.

Such as viewing The day's sport highlights in a sports show.

Maybe this is what causes Deja Vu where you feel like youve done something already. Because the roles of the people sre the same , the sequence is the same but there are variations in the space and time of the event.

Also attributable to random coincidence, similarities or biased perception.

9th dimensional

I don´t have any ideas that really feel right. But it would have to be the variable that the 8th dimensional consiousness cannot manipulate and which influences its change of state.

** Again this are just my views on how it might work, In order to get a discussion on the philosophy of multidimensional consiousness and improve our understanding and come up with new and better ideas.

We are the gamers constantly programming our experience
Posted: Monday, October 1, 2012 9:37:42 PM

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Thanks for sharing those insights, A14I\I. You have thought through these examples really well.

I was pondering something similar recently...

Imagine having your 3D world laid out in holographic frames, each successive frame being like an instant in time. So this might look physically like a filmstrip, except that each cell is a 3D hologram. So the time dimension would be in the direction of the length of the filmstrip. However, if you stacked several filmstrips on top of each other, it would be the 5th dimension pointing through the cells, right? As you traveled that, you would be jumping from 4D world to the next 4D world; maybe they are related, maybe not. In any case, I could imagine that this construct creates an "almost" plane of filmstrips - almost because it is a thick as the height of each cell. But you could easily stack one plane on top of another one, creating a 6th dimension.

After that, I was stumped. :)
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