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Alphabet/Language evidence of programmed reality or just "coincidence"? Options
Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 6:16:21 AM

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Several years ago I began exploring the possibility that the English language and our Latin-derived alphabet might be "encoded" to correspond with the base 10 numbering system. The work is all presented at The website is quite old now and there are a lot my ideas on it that I no longer think hold enough merit to be seriously considered. One of these days I'll get around to updating it.Whistle But I digress... My work (which is basically a form of gematria based on our current alphabet and the English language) revealed an intriguing set of numbers that just happened to correspond with the work of rogue mathematician, Marko Rodin (; i.e., the 3-6-9 and 1-2-4-5-7-8 phenomenon. I'll present it here. I know this is pretty "out there" stuff and there are people on this forum who are a lot smarter than I am so be kind when you flame me.Boo hoo!

Below is the series of numbers 1 through 9 when the alphabet is used to convert those numbers into word form (or what I call "alphanumbers" for the sake of convenience).

Take the series of numbers, 1 thru 9.

Assign to each number (shown in parentheses) its English language equivalent:

(1)ONE, (2)TWO, (3)THREE, (4)FOUR, (5)FIVE, (6)SIX, (7)SEVEN, (8)EIGHT, (9)NINE.


The words divide equally into three color-coded groups catagorized by the number of letters in each word; 3-letters, 4-letters, 5-letters:

Group 1 (3-letters) consists of: ONE, TWO, SIX
Group 2 (4-letters) consists of: FOUR, FIVE, NINE
Group 3 (5-letters) consists of: THREE, SEVEN, EIGHT

The following is the series "ONE" through "NINE" laid out in consecutive order, with the Groups identified by color:


NOTE: It is interesting to see there is even a pattern to the "gaps" found within the "groups" when they are laid out in consecutive order as shown immediately above. Here's what I mean:


• Each Group contains one Gap. (e.g., the Gap in Group 1 is between TWO and SIX)
• Each Gap consists of 3 alphanumbers (e.g., the alphanumbers THREE, FOUR, FIVE fill the Gap in Group-1)

Let's identify the Gaps as:

Gap-1 (consisting of the alphanumbers THREE, FOUR, FIVE)
Gap-2 (consisting of the alphanumbers FOUR, FIVE, SIX)
Gap-3 (consisting of the alphanumbers SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT)

Again, the following is the series "ONE" through "NINE" laid out in consecutive order, with the Groups identified by color:


Using the color coding it is easy to see the Gaps. For example, the Gap in Group 1 comes between the TWO and the SIX. We have identified that Gap as "Gap-1" (consisting of the alphanumbers THREE, FOUR, FIVE). Similarly, the gap in Group 2 comes between the FIVE and the NINE. We have identified that Gap as "Gap-3" (consisting of the alphanumbers SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT). Finally, the Gap in Group 3 comes between the THREE, and the SEVEN. We have identified that Gap as "Gap-2" (consisting of the alphanumbers FOUR, FIVE, SIX).


Regarding the Group/Gap patterns noted above, we have noted yet another pattern within those. We have shown that each Group consists of 3 alphanumbers. Then we have shown that the consecutive order of the alphanumbers in each group is interrupted by a Gap.

Now notice that within each Group, while all three alphanumbers are in numerical order from smaller to larger (e.g., Group 1 consists of: ONE, TWO, SIX) two of the alphanumbers are Consecutive Without Interruption (CWI). For example:

• In Group 1 (ONE, TWO, SIX) the two CWI are ONE, TWO.
• In Group 2 (FOUR, FIVE, NINE) the two CWI are FOUR, FIVE.
• In Group 3 (THREE, SEVEN, EIGHT) the two CWI are SEVEN, EIGHT.

Now, regarding the Gaps, it is interesting to note that in each Group the Gap falls only between the CWI and the third character of the Group. In any group of 3 objects there are only two empty spaces; they are between objects 1 and 2 , and between objects 2 and 3. In other words, the two empty spaces are only located on either side of the central object. In our case here there is, in a sense, a "program" built into the system which will not allow the Gap in any Group to fall between the two alphanumbers which are CWI. It occurred to me that if our base series of 1 through 9 were considered, by way of analogy, to be an organic system, this Group/Gap pattern could be considered analogous to a portion of the system's DNA structure. If this Group/Gap pattern were to be altered in any way, the entire system would fall apart.


A researcher named Marko Rodin (Marco Rodin's Toroid Sunflower Map (doubling+3, 9, 6, etc. gap sequence has made an interesting discovery. It has to do with the method of "cross-adding" multi-digit numbers, such as 26 for example, to reduce them to a single digit. In the case of our example we see 26 reduces to 8 by adding the 2 to the 6. Rodin showed that a repeating pattern of numbers is derived by the method in the cross addition of the powers of two (1, 2, 4, 8, etc.). The repeating pattern is:: 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5. This pattern continues indefinitely. If we continued from the 5, we'd end up with 1 again, since doubling the 5 equals 10 and 1+0=1. Double the 1 is 2, and so on.

(If you didn't follow this, each number in this series is twice the number just before it. The 7 comes from 8+8=16, then cross-adding the two digits of the number 16: 1+6=7. The 5 comes from 7+7=14, then 1+4=5)

Notice that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are missing. The missing numbers are what Rodin calls a "gap space" pattern, related to the torus spiral, the shape of which is governed by the Fibonacci sequence. It just happens that in my discovery of the alphanumeric patterns shown above, we find the exact same series, 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, except that they are in alpha-form (i.e., ONE, TWO, FOUR, FIVE, SEVEN, EIGHT) and in a different sequence. Notice the exact same 3-6-9 gap spacing. That is to say, the "alpha-numbers" THREE, SIX, and NINE are missing. Can this possibly be mere coincidence? If not, then what connections are in play here?

Could this be more evidence to suggest that our "reality" is programmed and that the programming extends into our alphabets and language systems? Think

And just to make it even a little more interesting, here's another "coincidence":

0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 45 (4+5 = 9)

Now, using the simple serial code of A=1 through Z=26 we find this:

ZERO=64=10=1 (i.e., 1+0=1)
ONE=34=7 (i.e., 3+4=7)
1+7+4+2+6+6+7+2+4+6 = 45 (4+5 = 9)

Nikola Tesla once said, ""If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe."

In my work with English gematria I found this:


The number 144 has been considered one of the most significant "sacred numbers" throughout the ages. In esoteric lore it is thought to have a correlation to the concept of "Light". The Great Pyramid is said to have originally been covered with 144,000 sheets of highly polished limestone that reflected the light of the sun, making the pyramid shine like a beacon that could be seen for many miles across the desert.

In a book “A Hopi prophecy” (Acorn Publishing, Glastonbury, p.24) we find:

144,000 Sun Dance enlightened teachers will totally awaken in their mind bodies. They will begin to meet in their own feathered serpent or winged serpent wheels and become a major force of the light to help the rest of humanity to dance their dream awake. A Sun Dance teacher is any human being who has awakened, who has balanced their shields, who has gained the dream mindbody and who honors all paths, all teachers, and all ways.

Both visions – that of St. John from The Revelation and that of the Hopi prophecy – belong to completely different traditions and are separated by hundreds of years, but nonetheless they have much in common: the 144,000 initiates, the full enlightenment of each human being, the cosmic-spiritual music and dance in Divine service, the feeling of joy and ecstasy in anticipating the return of humankind to the Kingdom of God.

From Leon Moscona: The Second Coming, Divine Rainbow Press, Dublin 1995. P. 182). (source:

I could go on and on but this is probably enough to make at least some of us go, "Hmm..." Think

Gary Val Tenuta
Author of The Ezekiel Code

Posted: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 6:55:45 AM

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Hi Code 9,

We seem to have caught your attention with an older forum topic called Marco Rodin's Vortex Mathematics.

I must apologize, my tone of language used in a post in that thread may have indicated that I considered such "discoveries" fairly insignificant.

What I was getting at -- was the simple fact that if you explore deeply enough, you will find a pattern in anything ... and everything. What I would like to attribute this phenomenon to is simply something physicists and other scientists call "symmetry." The universe is very symmetrical -- meaning, it has a great deal of it. I merely find other patterns like the number pi and/or Euler's number 2.71828 ... and so forth in mathematics, more interesting than Rodin's.

In the words of a really smart man who unfortunately wasted a lot of his time in politics, "It depends on what your definition of 'is' is."

A Galileo (last half 16th century, first half 17th century) often used spherical shaped objects in his experiments. Probably because the sphere is a 3D perfect symmetrical object. For example a cube, exploits some directional symmetry, but is not completely 3d symmetrical, where a sphere is. However, the universe also exploits symmetry in other dimensions that us "3D-landers" do not have the capability to perceive, but only to imagine. See Rob Bryanton.

If you put a small metal sphere deep into outer space where the attractive forces of other masses, such as earth's gravity and atmosphere, are not as distinct, you can begin to better understand symmetry and where the limits of symmetry exists in our universe from the "time" it was created. (notice I put that word "time" in quotes, as if to make the quotes gesture with two fingers on both hands). "It depends on what your definition of 'is' is."

If the sphere is just rolling along in space at a constant velocity and spin, depending on your external reference point, it could appear to either be moving or standing still. But if you are a little ant creature (in a space suit) standing on top of the little metal sphere, since you standing on the sphere breaks its symmetry ever so slightly, it's spin seems more like a rotation and you can barely feel the effects of it moving (tides). If it's velocity is not in a straight line, but perhaps is "orbiting" about a much larger metal sphere, say 10,000,000 times larger, then depending on the radius of the orbit, the ant couldn't detect that small amount of force caused by the orbit, but would for some reason detect the attractive force "gravity" which causes the metal sphere to exert a force on the ant in the space suit sitting on the small metal sphere.

Let's then "imagine" the sphere in space, far enough away from the attractive forces of gravity. Yet, if you are that ant, who basically perceives the small metal sphere as a giant ball you are on -- as standing still -- you begin to realize that it is moving, however, at a constant speed, which your physics tells you will always appear to the ant as if it is standing still. (i.e. it seems to create no force as long as you just let it roll at constant speed) If you want to change the velocity of the sphere, you find that you will have to apply force (a great force in comparison to your size). And thus, you have discovered "mass" and that things with more of it (mass) take more force to make them move.

But, space is not an ocean with water or maple syrup in it. What is the medium (substrate) in space that "causes" this resistance to that special form of movement called acceleration? (Isn't velocity is just position over time and acceleration just change in velocity over time?) What makes this force?

Some call it the "Higgs Boson" or particle that we have yet to discover. I just call it the "It depends on what your definition of 'is' is" phenomenon -- where the symmetry of the program reveals itself.

So, to answer your question in short (meaning anything less than a 600 page thesis) -- yes, these patterns are proof of a programmed reality. The resulting patterns are not just coincidences; the patterns are a reflection (result) of the symmetry in the universe, which is a reflection (result) of created ("programmed") nature of everything. It is a "duality" of order vs. disorder -- chaos vs. entropy -- random vs. probability. When you think that a Roman, Greek, or Egyptian alphabet or Latin numerical system are just "random" -- that is where we as humans missed the "other dimensional" symmetry. It is not random at all.
Posted: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 4:25:42 PM
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Numbers mean stuff.

This is just another example of another poster here talking about stuff that I MUST read up on.
Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2010 10:45:39 AM

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I see you are the author Gary, who wrote THE EZEKIEL CODE?
I'm impressed that someone decided to tackle such a large topic
which really only could have been done in fictionized version in your book.
I think I'll have to pick that one up.
Also, I wanted to ask you what you think of the 9 month gestation period
from the souls spark in the cell to the womb expulsion 9 months or 272 days later?
Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2010 3:51:08 PM
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This all smacks of numerology.
Prior to 2010 I studied numerology, in all my studies it has proven accurate.
To the point where I was compelled to write an application that would do the alpha-numeric reduction.
I meant to expand on this application, but numerology told me in 2010 I would be too busy for that. So busy that I wouldn't even have time to properly absorb the information in this thread until Sunday, maybe.
I'll have more time in 2011 thought. :)
2012 will be an excellent year, I'll be totally in sync with everything in 2012. :d/
I think I'll have to pick that one up.

This has got me very interested.
I want to read more about all of this.
Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2010 3:53:31 PM
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Pythagoras may have been on to something, even if he was quite mad.
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