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It's Just A Hoax People Options
Posted: Friday, November 4, 2011 12:08:00 PM
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Like I said back in the day, when those two guys were on the Today show.
Posted: Saturday, November 12, 2011 10:31:31 AM
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National Instruments signs to do E-Cat controls

Today, Leonardo Corporation, led by Andrea Rossi, inventor and developer of the one-megawatt cold fusion E-Cat plant, signed an agreement with National Instruments (NI), to have them make all the instrumentation for the E-Cat plants, which began commercial sales on October 28, following the successful test in Bologna, Italy of the first 1 MW heat plant to the first customer.

The 1 MW plant, which is the size of a small shipping container, and said to produce about as much power as a small locomotive, is made up of around 100 modules, each containing three reactors acting in parallel that combine hydrogen and nickel (a special micro powder preparation) into copper in the presence of a proprietary catalyst and a radio frequency stimulator, beginning at around 450 degrees Celsius. The initial heating is supplied electrically from resistive heaters. Once the nuclear reactions commence, the start-up electrical energy source can be disconnected, and the self-sustaining reaction can be controlled by the amount of hydrogen pressure supplied to the chamber.

Read entire article above here

Short Bloomberg video segment on E-Cat:
Bloomberg's EnergyNow Names E-Cat as Week's HotZone

Now this video is just completely over the top but it's just outrageously hilarious and amazing production values for a short youtube skit - kudos to the producers!
Hitler Panics Over Rossi's Energy Catalyzer

[Update: This skit is just text overlay on a segment taken from the movie, Downfall. So there's actually quite a number of similar videos out on youtube that use this segment as backdrop for other topics. None-the-less, it was effective for it's satirical humor. Kudos to Hank Mills.]

By the way, there is a chilling side to the above video skit satire for those who have followed cold fusion and alternative energy research for years, as I have. I attended an ICCF cold fusion conference in New Hampshire back before Eugene Mallove was brutally murdered. Yeah, the murder happened right before a public announcement was to be made by Eugene in conjunction to some scientist he was involved with. Can't say if the thug that bludgeoned Eugene to death was involved in any conspiracy. However, in the Infinite Energy journal that Eugene published, these scientist published a letter in which they said they got the message and were going back to just concentrate on their research careers. What ever was going to be announced to the public got squashed by the event of Eugene's murder.

So this particular ICCF conference was in the fall and the New Hampshire foliage was in its peak glory (coming from the west coast this was quite a treat as our fall colors are drab). Hanging out with Eugene and the attending scientist for a few days was just marvellous. Many of the scientist presenting papers were retirees doing private research, in such as basement laboratories - an example being Edmund Storms, former Los Alamos National Laboratory researcher. These retirees no longer had to worry about impact to the future of their careers. (Is a sad statement about scientific inquiry in this country.) Naturally there is only so much that can be done with private resources - the needed equipment for this kind of investigation can be spendy.

Eugene Mallove, MIT alum, was a tireless promoter of investigative inquiry into new areas of energy related science. He was not at all any kind of self-promoter. It's still a tearful memory to reflect on his life story - it's a parable to the state of the times we live in. We really do live in a second dark ages as there are so many corners of scientific inquiry where one runs into the inquisition. Eugene confronted that inquisition full on and never cowered. When history books are written, people like Eugene are not going to get any mention. I and many others will remember him, though.

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