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Posted: Saturday, February 14, 2015 6:32:49 AM
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Understanding Reality
Time, gravity, the stretching out of space and the second law of thermal dynamics are linked in a
manner which has yet to be described.
The resolution of a system defines the limits of any value assigned to it. Infinity could be the changing
value inside of a cycle.
At the finest scale what we end up with is unity.
If reality contains both infinity and unity it is either a multifaceted jewel or the singularity dancing.
It is variation that creates reality. Everything in the universe is vibrating and emitting light.
It may be fluctuation of probabilities or fractal reiteration with varying degrees of freedom in an
information field stored holographically.
Can the past present and future appear together at a certain scale?
Is it a precise computation with an outcome that is certain?
What if reality is a set of Russian dolls nested inside of one another. Each doll is one tick of time and it
is we who are moving, or our consciousness?
Is time the framework in which choices are made? Could it be the vehicle for our fractal journey?
If I have valuable information and you reject it.
I am not obligated to fight with you until I make my point, unless this information is helpful to you in
some way.
A trinity of trouble.
1. Deception in the garden.
2. It was the woman you gave me.
3. Am I my brother's keeper.
1. This deception in the garden is a fractal expression of how we perceive the world around us. We
need to get back to the unfiltered eyes of a child that can see all of the possibilities. This to me speaks
of faith.
2. This passing the buck behavior (by Adam) says that I am not responsible for my actions. This would
not work in a perfect court of law.
3. The truth is that I am in fact my brother's keeper and I should care about his welfare.
If I am having an argument trying to prove my point, then my ego is involved and I have put up a brick
wall. My ego/your ego is impenetrable. No useful information will be conveyed.
The idea of being a friend would involve trust.
It is important at the beginning of any relationship that those involved keep trust in the center. It is to be
earned, it is to be rewarded, and it is to be cherished. It is in this way that true friends are united.
Adam and Eve were not required to understand every little nuance of their reality.
All they had to do was trust God.
Abraham pleased God by trusting Him as well as King David.
We are in the same position.
The placebo effect requires us to trust in a deception.
No deception, no placebo effect.
Our reality appears to have some element of deception built into it.
Speed of light measurements fluctuate for no known reason, outside the value of the margin of error.
Quantum mechanics tells us that we can not really be sure about anything. The most deceived man is
the one who is sure that he knows something.
The absurdity of conflict suggests that the collective consciousness of all humanity is being
The union of all of the variation contained within humanity will be our success.
Our failure will be going out in a blaze of glory fighting each other.
I do not speak of the hive mind of the puppeteer, but of the wondrous symphony of the great composer.
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