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Ufology Options
Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 4:06:02 AM
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I love this forum already. It did not take me long to decide to register.

I am a writer seeking to improve the approach of Ufology and SETI, improve on it through bringing in highly intelligent thinkers such as are found at Silicon Valley and Google. I regard myself as seeking a more intelligent field that is neither Ufology nor SETI… and instead is a merger of the two… and in addition… the new field would consist of an interdisciplinary team of technologists, physicists, and so forth. It would not search for biological ET’s (humans in the 21st century are going beyond biology). It would search for patterns in the data, and it would seek to replicate revolutionary technology (discovered through patterns in the data) and it would replicate for the benefit of human well-being (safety, health, longevity). That would be its goal as opposed to a goal of discovering biological ET’s.

My primary field used to be Jungian Depth Psychology. I am a former member of the International Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS). I have previously discussed UFO’s from a Jungian perspective on the Paracast Radio Show: However, I wanted to think beyond psychology although I still retain an interest in my former field.
I was the editor of an online magazine House M.D. Professional Magazine. I reviewed the book House: The Wounded Healer on Television: Jungian and Post-Jungian Reflections. My review is quoted by one of the writers of one of the chapters, see here: And I have helped people with anxiety primarily (albeit not entirely) in an online capacity.
Now I spend most time thinking about Ufology. The UFO Researcher that I am most in agreement with is Jacques Vallee. Vallee is meticulous in his scientific approach, gathering endless data, seeing patterns in the data, and then simply outlining it for all to see. Hence, he talks about the clear physical evidence (e.g., traces left by UFO’s on the ground, UFO’s tracked by radar, and physiological symptoms in those whose proximity is too close to a UFO, e.g., nausea, hair loss, headaches, burns, temporary blindness). Vallee is well aware of the signatures of the UFO itself (e.g., appearing on the spot, zig-zag movements, blinking out of existence).

I have written 2 papers recently (well one of them is tiny so I will count it as more like 1 paper)... the larger paper of 3,359 words with a long-winded title of 'The Focus should be on Patterns in UFO Data... and on Replication... as opposed to assumptions of Biological ET's or that its all nonsense'. The other paper of merely 523 words is simply titled 'SETI and Ufology'. In that latter paper I briefly constructively criticize both disciplines and say that they should work together.

I like what I read by one of the members here who was saying that they follow the evidence rather than conclude what reality is. I too do not know what the answer is concerning the origins of the intelligence behind UFO's. Nevertheless I advocate an Interdisciplinary Ufological Science.
Posted: Saturday, August 19, 2017 3:28:18 PM
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Hello Paul Budding

Have you considered trying a CE-5 event? Steven Greer and others have attempted human-initiated contact with purported alien beings and sometimes they seem to get interesting results.

Also, The Scole Experiments from the 1990's got some interesting phenomena. And Robin Foy said why plough millions of dollars into SETI and Breakthrough Listen when you can get communication using simple equipment like dictaphones and tape recorders.

I agree with Robin Foy as I know a guy named Don Philips and all he uses is a dictaphone and he gets voices on it and when analyzed they are outside the human vocal range. He's part of a parapsychological endeavour called "Phenomena Project".

So, yeah, there appears to be better (cheaper) methods of obtaining communication with unknown entities.

Problem is... all those with the money and resources just don't listen and instead they keep funding these mega projects and they get no real results, apart from a few anomalous signals from time to time, like the WOW Signal, or FRB's (fast radio bursts). However, these could be naturally produced.

Hope this helps you, pal.
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