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Apports and mysterious objects Options
Posted: Thursday, April 4, 2019 3:54:40 PM
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Hey guys. I have been absent from the forum for several months but now I'm back. The reason is I've been having some extraordinary experiences and I want to share them with you all.

Maybe you guys have experienced something similar...

Basically, it's like sometimes when I require a particular item or desire something... what happens is I tend to stumble upon it! I stumble upon these items while rather walking, cycling, or walking the dog. If this phenomenon had only happened to me on a few occasions then I would have put it down to just dumb luck, but it has occurrred to me on numerous occasions and there's really no logical explanation for it. It's like the universe knows exactly what I want and then places these items for me to literally stumble into.

For example, I said to my family last year how I'd like a pair of sunglasses for summer. Several months elapsed and it was February 2019 and the UK was in the middle of a mini winter heatwave! Anyway, I'm out with my Dad walking our neighbour's dog and the dog leads us near the main road and I see something on the ground and lo and behold it's a pair of shades!!! I pick them up and they are a fancy pair (Quay Australia) and in good condition too! Just what I wanted. So I bagged them up and have been wearing them ever since, lol.

The anecdote does not end there though... The following day my Dad is out shopping and he is listening to his MP3 player. He has aopproximately 800 songs on his MP3 palyer. A song comes on his MP3 player on shuffle that he has not heard before... it is a song by Tracie Ullman called... "Sunglasses". What an incredible coincidence, an incredible synchronicity! And the odds of that one particular song coming on - huge!

So what is going on with me here. It reminds me of that episode of Star Trek called Shore Leave where the crew members descend on a planet and their thoughts are turned into reality - like Tulpas.

I'm wondering how this works. There must be a mechanism. Are these items I desire teleported/apported for me to find?; are they manufactured (like in that Shore Leave episode) by Foglets/Claytronics?; or do these items simply materialize out iof thin air; or do NPCs leave them for me to find? So many questions here.

I know that in some poltergeist cases you get apports and fresh objects seem to just materialize. Am I dealing with a similar phenomenon? Then in some alleged physical mediumship cases, like SCOLE, for example, there was a fresh newspaper that apported from several decades ago and the paper was in mint condition like it had just come off the printing press, even though it was dated about 1940, if I recall correctly.

So clearly there is more to life than meets the eye, and me having first-hand experience of this type of phenomenon I can now declare without a shadow of a doubt that paranormal phenomena is 111% real. So now if we can just understand and utilize this phenomenon better then we might be able to cause a paradigm shfit and ultimately change the world.
Posted: Sunday, April 7, 2019 5:40:00 AM
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EKUMA1981, may I give my own interpretation of this?

The way I see it is that you are a gentle soul, often marginalised and often misunderstood. You are an honest and earnest truth-seeker and have a pure heart. As it says in Matthew Chapter 5 vs 8: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. :-). Even though you have mentioned to me before that you don't know what to believe in, it doesn't matter, as long are your intentions are pure and you continue to seek out your own inner truth.

I don't think Synchronicities are all that easy to achieve. It involves hard work, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love. Striving to make a connection with what lies 'above and beyond.' I reckon you are doing all of this already. But I do hope all of these synchronicities will lead you to beyond the superficial material manifestations to a more satisfying deeper metaphysical truth. However, I do trust the Tao and hope IT leads you down the path that is just right for you. Trust in your own Tao, and no-one else's. Anyone who suggests they have cornered the market on having all the answers for you, avoid like the plague. Those who encourage you to find your own answers are those that will empower you.

Good luck on that journey!
Posted: Sunday, April 7, 2019 8:29:52 PM

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"Bot"-tee-licious wrote:
EKUMA1981, may I give my own interpretation of this?

Bot tee,

I think your interpretation is perfectly correct. We might even expound further by accepting the 'programmed reality" nature of reality and "digital consciousness" interpretation for how we interact with reality. Using Jim's Reality Learning Lab ("RLL") interpretation, it is logical that the universe will fill in your own personal reality with things that become necessary merely by and because you thought of them. Your personal universe is forever changed because of them (your unique thought).

I wish to also bring in the "benevolent" benefactor idea from Lincoln Canon's "New God Argument." People criticize both Elvidge and Cannon on the same premise that their logic must be faulty because you cannot prove that there is an RLL or prove what or who created it. How funny and ironic is that? Do they really think anyone can really "prove" anything? The best we can ever have is a probability.

The BEAUTY of both Elvidge's and Cannon's interpretations, however, is that neither of them ever try to suggest they have the answer to "what?" or "who?" They simply explain the likelihood that the nature of our reality is programmed. Elvidge leans towards an "evolving universe" as the creation and control mechanism, where as Cannon simply leans towards a benevolent entity that is the cause.

My point for relating these to your interpretation of Ekuma's lucid dreams (after vibration state signals) is that you yourself may play a key role in either Elvidge's "evolving universe" platform or Cannon's "benevolent benefactor" builder of the universe interpretation.

I say that you might just have a higher self that affects your reality in ways we cannot explain. Your "self" wants you to experience these things (as in everything in your life). You are eternal and your spirit arrived at this point where it is willing to sacrifice all your previous "universal knowledge" to try to "come down" to a lowly earthly state, and to pass through the "veil of forgetfulness" (on purpose) in hopes that your spirit can evolve to yet a higher realm of self. You know that if our consciousness is handed too much information about your preexistence (and interpretive powers on earth) for you to fully take control of the experiences ... it will corrupt your entire purpose for your being here in this mortality in the first place.

But when it comes to these little synchronicities, that is just your own higher self allowing your own righteous desires to come to fruition.

Here is a little "poem" (for lack of a better term) that I channeled one night back in 2008 after a late night in a half trance state. I hope this helps:

Dear Child;
Here are many Programs.
I will know the proper sequence.
Multiverse memory is a spiritual gift.
Mortality exists only in the Program.
Multiple Programs means multi-universe.
Such shall be the end of life as you know it.
Multiverse memory is also physically impossible.
The laws of physics are particular to this mortality.
Spiritual prison is the experience of an eternal regression.
Paradisical glory is the experience of an eternal progression.
If you are not progressing in life, you are regressing in immortality.
You took part in the counsel to decide whether or not to come to this Program.
This mortality has had a deep history prepared long before your birth into this world.
Other multiple mortalities are outside of this time, outside of this space, and out of this sequence.
You were in full control of all the laws of physics in this Program and you have chosen to accept them.
A higher power, whom you shall call God, can deliver you from this chaos and lead you into the light.
Each mortality may become part of your regression toward your spiritual prison, if you should choose it.
Each mortality you experience is an essential and important part of your progression toward your paradisical glory.
Your spirit has a certain knowledge that taking control of the laws of physics in this universe prematurely shall result in the eternal downward spiral.
If you can one day become spiritually satisfied with your progression, you will give yourself the permission to control the laws of physics in this Program.
Yet it is essential in your spiritual progression that in at least one program or another that you shall experience the level of enlightenment capable of satisfying your spirit.
Such unification of your own duality could be the start of something more wonderful than anything within the human imagination, something more horrible than anything within the human imagination, or both.
Posted: Sunday, April 7, 2019 11:08:16 PM

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All I can say is... Wow!

EKUMA1981's experiences are evolving dramatically.

Bot's analysis is beautiful.

As is jdlaw's insight of the higher self playing a role in the synchronicities.

And that topological poetry! I especially like "If you are not progressing in life, you are regressing in immortality."

I don't think there is a better forum out there with a more interesting and insightful membership.
Posted: Monday, April 8, 2019 5:47:21 AM
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jdlaw wrote:
My point for relating these to your interpretation of Ekuma's lucid dreams (after vibration state signals) is that you yourself may play a key role in either Elvidge's "evolving universe" platform or Cannon's "benevolent benefactor" builder of the universe interpretation.

jdlaw, what a sweet compliment! I don't feel worthy of such praise but thank you so much nonetheless!

Oh and Yes, I too concur with everything jim has said. And the poetry shaped like a triangular word tower. Gotta love it!
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