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Eurocentrism in Science Options
Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 7:18:36 PM

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The Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement at Dartmouth sponsored an interesting dialog on the nature of reality between popular physicist Sean Carroll and renowned Buddhist scholar Alan Wallace a couple years ago. There was a moment when Wallace schooled the moderator on the presumptions of Western scientism...

“Marcello made a comment that I’ve heard meany times, acknowledging that we don’t understand the nature of consciousness…But then he went a bit further [and said] ‘no one does.’… How do we know what everybody else knows? We’ve ignored Asia for the whole history of science. Did anybody in Asia come up with anything in the last 5000 years about the nature of mind and consciousness? They’re using different methods that we have not used. And scientists are using methods they have not used. So I’m not here to argue one is better than the other. But I am suggesting that it’s more hubris to say nobody knows about consciousness because WE don’t - we white people, we Eurocentric people. The age of colonialism should be over by now, but the remnants of that is that ‘if we don’t know, nobody knows.’ I’m not persuaded that’s true. Maybe…in fact, I am quite confident there are people outside of our own culture - I’ve lived with Tibetans for 14 years - who have very deep insights about consciousness. They didn’t get there by just believing this or that or having great faith in the Buddha but by doing what scientists do - with an open mind, rigorously investigating the phenomena itself."
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