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Epilepsy and Free Will Options
Posted: Friday, October 30, 2020 10:16:26 AM

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Interesting article about how the nature of epileptic seizures tells something about free will
Posted: Tuesday, November 3, 2020 7:00:44 PM

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Great article. Now that we have been discussing these things on this forum for years now, you can probably guess where I am going to go with this. That is to the programming of consciousness —and thereby all that goes with it:

Like intentionality, volition, and free will.

I guess where I differ in my thoughts from this article is that I think that the brain, if not exactly like a computer, at least has a similar binary switching architecture.

The difference in consciousness from a classical computer is not in how a computer computes. Rather (I think) the difference is in how Consciousness is programmed to compute. A free act is sort of crash (i.e. blue screen of death). To understand what this is, you first have to accept that we live in a "created" (or in other words "programmed") reality.

Consciousness does not originate in the brain. Consciousness originates from with in the programmed universe (the "Ether"). If the brain can access consciousness from this "Ether", but computers cannot access it; the problem is not with the hardware, but rather. the problem is with the programming.

Here is a link to a 3 minute video clip of what I am talking about. Programming Consciousness
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