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Series of claimed anomalies in one night Options
Posted: Monday, May 25, 2009 5:45:56 PM

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Ill try to communicate this message as accurately as possible, there are many explanations and assumptions which I make and you might make the same ones after reading this, but what the heck Its a fun story:

You know the common dream theme where one is walking or running in a direction but seems to not advance.
Well there is one who experienced that same feeling, only this feeling occurred during wakefulness in a public place, this one claims to have purposely activated and deactivated the experience just like in a lucid dream.

Now this one had taken drugs (cannabis +DXM). which would explain the perceived situation

Other anomalies this one claims to have perceived that night are:

-Communicating mentally with others in the same rave, perceived syncronized responses outloud from others.

-Equalizing the music audio with pure intention.

-intending to find lost friends easily and soon in the crowd and succeeding,

-Intending specific unknown girl to light his cigarrette, then giving up, then having a different girl walk a 8-10 meter distance to light his cigarrete without asking or knowing her. (coincidence?)

-speeding past 2 or 3 police cars without them chasing him, Because he claims it was his lucid dream and GTA rules applied where only serious havoc driving get´s the cops attention.

-Trashing front tire after picking up a ganja smoking ghetto looking hitchhiker (dream characters cant hurt someone right), He was totally accepting the reality that it was a lucid dream and remained cool when this one hit the sidewalk at and trashed the car side where he was sitting.

-This one claims he dropped him off after passenger was lowering vibrations and car was starting to drive like it would if it had actually received physical damage, Once he drops him off and tells him they'll meet again in Los Angeles, this one raises his vibration again and car starts handling like a sports car, he decides he can go anywhere and decides to visit Los Angeles, after a while he sees a sign to take the next exit to Valle de Angeles (more than 1,000 km from LA CA) , but he starts getting doubts and car starts performing worse as daylight keeps emerging, Maybe the less people are in awake mode the easier it is to pull this Lucid Reality ( But hey he was high)

-Anywhere he decided to stop there was always rave music playing in the background, even in High class neighborhoods.

-Some sick coincidences and backwards time flow of his car's clock.

-Then as morning came things started to get more real and car started breaking down , this one decided to go home and on his way there , he saw a cop in the street and decided to take a right turn , so the cop wouldn't give him trouble for driving a car with a flat tire.

-So he finds himself 2 blocks from his True blood fathers company a Sunday Morning (which he has only seen once since he was a 2 year old), car finishes breaking down in front of his Dad's office. He kept the positive attide mentality and somehow managed to get home, avoid prison, and get his car driven home good as new, a couple of hours later.

-Also felt that his father was communicating with this one through the driver who took him home.

In conclusion this One either got very lucky after getting high in a Rave, and/or managed to free himself from the Common structured Matrix of reality, discovered there is only One Spirit, One mind. And that reality is a Lucid Dream if one wants it to be

We are the gamers constantly programming our experience
Posted: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 3:03:59 PM
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Crap, I remember nights like that from when I was a young lad. Before I got older and learned my limits, and that it's best to keep that sort of stuff in the privacy of home.
The only difference was that when I came to the next day my vehicle was still in perfect working order.

EDIT: Wait a minute, you said he did get his car home in good shape. In that case the only difference is that I didn't have to get a ride home.
Posted: Monday, June 1, 2009 10:23:07 AM

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I certainly cannot judge you about the cannabis +DXM, when in my youth I have had many such experiences with cannibis + lsd + lots of alcohol.

Exceeding label-specified maximum dosages of dextromethorphan acts as a dissociative psychedelic drug. These drug induced "lucid dreams" do not intrigue me much anymore, because they fail to really explain the nature of reality -- i.e. the drugs themselves have created the best plausible explanation for what appears to be "lucid".

Many cultures (including native american for example) have a history of using psychotropic drugs in ceremonial lucid dream quests which I have no reason to disbelieve or doubt what-so-ever.

However, when you use drugs (or even some form of deep meditation to acheive these states) haven't you contradicted the meaning of "lucid?" These near "subconscious" states make this not so much a "lucid" but only "semi-lucid" dream. These experience seem to have given many people excellent glimpses into the nature of the programmed reality, but they do not prove it.

In comparison, what I would call a "walk upon the way" (or a chance to meet and speak with the great programmers in the sky) requires a lot more discipline than you get in one wild night on drugs.

However, I will say that once you have practiced this wild night thing, you have indeed seen the other side, but you may need years of work to return. I encourage you to continue in your quests, but please be careful! Realize that in your one night of drug induced lucid dreaming you may have destroyed not just millions of brain cells, but in the programmed reality you have also destroyed perhaps millions of alternate states (i.e. while in this reality you escaped the crashed car and the broken glass, yet in some others you even killed somebody or yourself)
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