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Publishing Cognitive Causality Options
Posted: Thursday, October 2, 2008 6:19:29 PM

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Since it is so easy to get rejected by publishers and very hard on the ego, I decided to go the cowards way out and published a patent application instead. It won't actually publish for 18 months, but you can view my "cognitive causality" patent at Cognitive Causality

Some time ago, you had talked with me out in an email about publishing. Unfortunately, I am not really a very good writer. I can handle technical writing OK, but to actually write a book that people can read and enjoy is just not my thing.

Anyway, when you asked me to publish, I just said, "not yet." And I really didn't believe anyone else would read or understand it anyway.

Of course now you know that I had coined the words "Cognitive Causality" as my definition of the programmed reality a while back and have had that up on a website since 2005 at (Note on the password: I have always passworded that website, because at base I have always been frightened by the thought that once certain people figured out that this is all a simulation, they could become much more willing to do evil. i.e Hey! if this is all just a video game what's to stop me from being as bad as I want to be? I'll just reboot to a better me next time). The similarity in the graphics on the frontpage really was total coincidence.

Not that I ever intend on seeing this particular patent issued, it's really just there as a defensive patent (those that never get issued, but that the patent office can often use as prior art rejections for other applications). I actually have several other patents, that are commercially viable and some others which I license.

So, I really don't think anybody has even read this thing up there on opencog yet, but if there is anything in there you can use to help prove or further develop programmed reality, I thought that I could at least make it available to anyone interested.
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