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Posted: Monday, November 23, 2020 6:00:08 PM
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Hi guys

I'd love to know what you make of this incident that happened to me a few months ago...

Basically, I am out and about in the countryside, in a place called Wynyard Woodland Park. It's a nice rural area and it's ideal for walking and cycling. So, I am cycling along a footpath that was once a railway line. I've been along this footpath many times before. However, on this occasion something truly magical and weird occurred to me.

As I've already mentioned before I like to do "synchronicity cycling" (inspired by Todd Acamesis) and I always take my special home-made dice and other lucky items when I venture outdoors. Sometimes I get lucky and find stuff or have decent coincidences, etc. But, on this day back in August 2020 it was a truly profound experience...

So, I am riding my bike and I just decided on the spur of the moment to start calling out to Jesus for guidance and inspiration. Well, literally a few minutes later I noticed to my right-hand side a private gate. I thought, that's odd there never used to be a private gate in that spot. Then I noticed something else on the actual gate, like a poster or something. So I get closer to inspect it and I get a surprise as it's like an advertisement for something called "The Grail Message". I think to myself, what is this all about, it looks like some kind of religious group. Anyway, there's additional information on this poster (website address, etc). So I make notes and at this point it's obvious this is some kind of new age movement or something.

So I return home and start to investigate and it turns out this Grail Message is a movement devoted to truth, and it's connected to JESUS and Christianity too. WOW, isn't this freaky. I mean, literally a few minutes after I was calling out to Jesus for help I came across that private gate and a poster advertising The Grail Message. That cannot be just coincidence. Whether it really was Jesus or some other higher intelligence... I'm not sure at this time, but I deffo know I was meant to find out about this organization.

Anyway, I ordered some free resources from The Grail Message website, and read them, and they resonated with me. Then I wrote a letter to the main UK organizer of The Grail Message and got to know her. I then talked to her on the phone a week later and she seemed nice and genuine, and she claimed The Grail Message had changed her life. She also recommended to me that I continue studying The Grail Message so she kindly sent me all the rest of the literature.

And that's what I'm doing at the moment, I'm reading through the first book of the trilogy. Now, I won't go into too many details about this trilogy, but what I will say is it's quite fascinating and I will try to get to the end of it. I'm really hoping it does help me get to the truth. It does state it gives all the answers to life's mysteries.

Btw, the full title of this trilogy is "In the Light of Truth" and it was written by a guy named Abd-ru-shin (real name Oskar Ernst Bernhardt). It's a series of 168 lectures and there's 1,112 pages! (nearly 1111).

It's also noteworthy to mention that I'd never heard of The Grail Message before. So that made it even more of a special experience for me.

Further details here -

Has anybody else heard of this movement before, or read the trilogy?... Feedback, please :)
Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 9:53:11 PM

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Never heard of it. Feels sort of like a Mandela effect - like it is something new in our reality, never there before, even though the artifacts might imply that it was.
Posted: Saturday, November 28, 2020 2:59:23 AM

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Nice find Ekuma,

I also went to their website and like Jim I had never heard of the "Grail Message" either. It's odd that their US satellite office is listed on their website as being in Mt. Airy, Maryland (of all places). I used to live there and probably delivered pizza to that farm house back in the 80s.

I just think that a person who adheres to "strict atheism" (or in other words one who actively seeks "truth") is by far at the pinnacle of any "true religion." In other words, in the RLL, if you delve deeply enough into anything and be vigilent in your search for "Truth" you will always find it. There is going to be a rich history out there for almost anything. The infinite nature of the RLL is amazing that way.

That is why I am always fascinated by the "New Age" religions. I have never been afraid to join (or practice some of the religions) because often that is the only way to receive their literature and teachings. I have looked pretty deeply into things like Scientology (L Ron Hubbard); Christian Science (Mary Baker Eddy), Christ Consciousness (somewhat attributable to Edgar Cayce); Mormon Transhumanists (Lincoln Canon); Urantia Book (William and Lena Sadler with "sleeping subject"); and others. And though I was born Catholic, to this day I remain an active member in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (another "culty" type religion founded by Joseph Smith in the US in the early 19th Century).

This summer I even watched two "action-mystery" series on the tele which I also found fascinating. One is a series from CBS All Access called "Strange Angel" about a JPL founder and scientist named Jack Parsons and his dealings with a religion (pseudo-cult) called Thelema and its founder Aleister Crowley - though Thelema has very little to do with Christ. The other 2020 release from Netflix called "The Messiah" was very fascinating.

It all begs the question "what if?" What if a person actually appeared who started behaving like a Christ savior entity on earth?

I did not provide links to any of the "religions" above but Google searches will give you loads of info

And of course I have posted links to my own blogsite called "non-virtual" about my own personal view of "cognitive causality" (similar to Christ Consciousness) and how we ourselves do manifest our own world in many respects. Non-Virtual Cognitive Causality (graphic meant to be viewed full screen on 1080p or better monitor)

So now I have been introduced to the "Grail Message" (Oscar Ernst Bernhardt "Abd-ru-shin")—although Monty Python should probably be credited here also for "Grail Movement."

I do take these things seriously. When the RLL presents me with anything about adapting ourselves to a Christ-like Consciousness, I am intrigued.

Posted: Sunday, November 29, 2020 1:53:53 PM
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Well, this is very odd. You seem to know a lot about these various cults and religions, jdlaw, but you say you've never heard of The Grail Message. This adds more mystery to the whole thing. Jim might be onto something here when he said it's like a Mandela Effect.

Now, there's a bit more to my story as I found out that the UK Grail Message national office was re-located from Glasgow to Thorpe Thewles! It seems very strange to me that they re-located for some reason to a small village. In fact, their main office now is located in a farmhouse! If they had not re-located then I would never have found out about them. So it just seems obvious to me that all this was meant to happen. But why The Grail Message and not something else like Mormonism or Buddhism, etc. Maybe it's because this is where the truth lies.

I don't know yet, but it is weird how ever since the end of 2018 I've had nothing but numerology and synchronicities connected to religion (Christianity and the Bible). Now The Grail Message for me which has a lot of Jesus quotes and Christian themes running through it.
Jon D
Posted: Sunday, November 29, 2020 4:10:31 PM
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Ever just randomly think of someone you haven't heard from in a while, and then shortly after you have an encounter with that person? Perhaps it wasn't you thinking of that person that manifested the action, but it was more so you subconsciously remembering what was about to occur, as if life and outcomes have already been recorded.

Maybe you thought of Jesus because you somehow knew you were about to run into that grail message, not so much predicted it, but more so remembered it was about to happen, in some way. Similar to Deja Vu in the sense "I've experienced this moment", but a little pre-emptive, so different.
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