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Hunt for the Skinwalker Options
Posted: Monday, March 29, 2021 2:02:32 PM

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Recently I watched a documentary film about Skinwalker Ranch (Utah, USA) called "Hunt for the Skinwalker". What an enigmatic place it is. So much weird phenomena in one location. There's been animal mutilations, apportation / teleportation events, UAPs, cryptid sightings, poltergeist activity, etc. This area is one giant hotspot.

Even a portal apparently opened up near one of the buildings and an entity leapt out! So this ranch seems to have a bit of everything. Flying saucer objects in the skies, and I have to say this has reinforced my belief that all paranormal phenomena is connected. There's no distinction between Ufology and Parapsychology - they both seem to be inextricably linked. Certainly there's an inter-dimensional element to all this as well. I really don't think these strange creatures are coming from other solar systems (ET hypothesis is almost dead, I think).

So where are these beings coming from and why do they behave the way they do? They are so elusive and sadistic at times. For example, in one scene there's a calf laid out in a field and it's been totally ripped to pieces. There was no evidence of predation (no tracks), and no blood on the ground, and it appeared that whatever attacked the animal did it with sharp metallic instruments as there were clean cuts all over the cadaver. Why would an other-worldly intelligence do such a thing. I always thought a higher intelligence would be friendly and altruistic but from what I've seen they appear to be the opposite.

It's also important to mention that Skinwalker Ranch is located in a P.M.A. - Positive Magnetic Anomaly region. Just like Hessdalen Valley in Norway, Point Pleasant in W.V. (Mothman) - these P.M.A. regions are where most of this phenomena takes place. It's all detailed in a course my brother undertook a couple of years ago - UITC: British & U.S. Investigators Training Course in Ufological Studies & Advanced Aerial Phenomena. I now have this text book in my possession and there's many illustrations and maps and all the major UFO sightings, etc, are indeed in these P.M.A. areas. So why these P.M.A. areas?... well, maybe it's because it's easier for these beings to open up portals in these areas. I don't know but there's definitely a correlation here.

I also do seriously question if all these beings are dodgy and malevolent and perhaps they are coming through from Hell, Sheol, Tartarus, Underworld, or whatever you call this dark realm.

And physical mediumship is another topic where I do seriously ponder what is going on. The beings encountered in seance rooms... are they dodgy too? I've heard Robin Foy (Scole Experiments), Leslie Kean (journalist) and many others speak of the reality of physical mediumship and how wonderful it is, etc. Nick Kyle (formerly of S.S.P.R.) even claimed a young "boy" appeared to him in a seance room and he hugged this kid. Then the kid just faded away. Well, was this really a kid or was it something pretending to be a kid - shape-shifting nephilim, demon, djinn, whatever.

And are the beings coming through at seances the same as the ones at Skinwalker Ranch, etc? So many puzzling questions. I am determined though to get to the bottom of all this and get to the truth. I mean, we need to establish what is benevolent and what is malevolent and what can be trusted. Maybe the only way is through Jesus Christ... maybe He is the only supernatural being we can truly rely on?...
Posted: Monday, March 29, 2021 7:33:05 PM

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I think there has to be a lot of sensationalism involved. Why not?

Here is a spinoff sect of Mormonism that is supposedly built around a set of writings from plates allegedly found in the hills just Northeast of the Sanpete Valley in Utah (which of course puts you smack in the middle of Skinwalker Ranch) though the ranch itself is never mentioned here.
Mentinah Archives

But hey! If you really like Jesus and mystical fiction. Here is perhaps one of my favorite reads. This is the "sleeping subject" interpretation of the childhood of Jesus. I would skip to section 122. 119-121 requires a lot more context to even begin to understand. But I think, even if Urantia is a work of fiction, it is a great read and an extremely imaginative interpretation of what such a life as that of Jesus would actually be like.
The Urantia Story - Life and Times of Jesus Christ
Jon D
Posted: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 3:21:14 PM
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I can understand your point of view about cattle mutilation for example, let's assume that is real. Why would an advanced being do that? It's contradictory to what I would like to believe a highly advanced life form is capable of. Perhaps there are low-level intelligent beings, animal-like, that are just naturally able to travel inter-dimensionally and hunt. A trait like a chameleon being able to change it's color. It's probable that there are many different types of beings of all sorts of levels of intelligence visiting us here from other places. One thing is certain though, we've never encountered any direct open threats. So either something is protecting us that we aren't openly aware of, or the malevolent ones just are not capable of harming us in an openly destructive way like a flat out invasion force. I know I've said it before, worth saying again, humans are much more of a threat to ourselves than anything else that may be out there. I'm quite sure we mutilate cattle and other animals on the regular, so how different are we than this supposed skinwalker monster? I'm afraid we may not be the best candidates to judge what is malevolent or benevolent.

I am pretty familiar with the Mothman story, I believe it. I don't know what it is to be honest. I just know that it seemed to be highly intelligent, and as malevolent as it may have appeared, I would have loved the chance to meet it. Perhaps that will be my downfall one day lol. If I'm given the opportunity to engage with something that comes from an outside place I'm taking it.

We ourselves may naturally be capable of this inter-dimensional travel. I don't know for sure. Astral projection may be a hint to how it's done. I have for sure had first hand experience leaving my body. I still don't know if astral projection works in a real/physical-world sense as in I could visit you in your bedroom in ghost-form and communicate with you, but I think it's a possibility. Perhaps the physical reality is overrated, the real party is in the non-physical non-linear time reality.
Posted: Friday, April 2, 2021 3:39:00 PM

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Don't forget though Jon D that the Mothman sightings were a bad omen as not long after the sightings the Silver Bridge collapsed killing 46 people! I mean, did Mothman know this tragedy was about to happen? Couldn't Mothman have warned people or the authorities and pointed the structural fault out to engineers, etc. Whether anybody would have took any notice is another matter, but these entities, like I've said before just tend to sit back and do nothing. Maybe it was Mothman himself that tampered with the Silver Bridge and compromised its structural integrity. Who knows.

And sometimes these entities do harm people. For example, in the Keith Linder haunting Keith claimed his clothing that he was wearing was set on fire by one of these malevolent beings. He could have died.

Then there's the phenomenon of demonic possession. I used to think that demonic possession could be explained by psychosis or something like dissociation (MPD). But after doing some research into this area there does seem to be a handful of cases where people do indeed become taken over. Chuck Missler said in one of his lectures that a well qualified psychiatrist can differentiate between mental disorder and real genuine demonic possession. There's also a guy named Jerry Marzinsky who worked with patients at institutions and he says that demons are real and that the big pharma companies are just making out it's mental illness to make money from their drugs they manufacture. So corrupt.

Link to Jerry's videos -

I've watched several interviews featuring Jerry Marzinsky and he does seem to know what he's talking about.

So yes, in summary, these entities whatever they truly are... most of them appear to be very dodgy.

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