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Italian E-Cat cold fusion device; H-bomb test yields, torsion, resonance, and ZPE Options
Posted: Sunday, November 13, 2011 7:57:32 PM
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I've been monitoring the Italian E-Cat cold fusion device off and on through the year. The month of October was an important turning point as a test was conducted in conjunction to various third party companies that sent engineering/scientist teams to evaluate. In the aftermath some deals were finalized for production E-Cat units to be manufactured and then leased for industrial use.

Just this past week another deal was finalized that brings Austin, Texas-based National Instruments into the mix. I've posted a blog piece with some links:

National Instruments signs to do E-Cat controls

By the way, there's a link to a youtube video satire clip that is just a hoot. Only takes 4 minutes to view but will have you rolling on the floor.

Oh, and there's a little personal history I relate regarding cold fusion research community in this country (actually ICCF has always been international and still is as latest annual conference was held in India).

So now the E-Cat needs to run for 6 months or so in actual industrial use to see how it pans out. That will be the last hurdle to see if this is indeed real and viable. Plus, perhaps then Andrea Rossi will be able to secure a patent. Patents for such devices are declined because mainstream science maintains that it's not a real effect of nature and most especially because existing laws of physics don't allow for it. Other science labs aren't going to be able to fully replicate Rossi's process, though, until he has a patent to protect his intellectual property. So Rossi's only recourse has been to go forward and try and establish a track record for the device in the hands of paying customers - customers that say its real and don't come back looking to sue for fraud. At that juncture a patent office would have a hard time trying to dismiss its reality.

H-Bomb Test, Torsion, Resonance, and Zero-Point Energy Field

The physics isn't really so out there. In the early '50s the series of H-bomb test we conducted were consistent in wildly exceeding the margin of yield production in respect to predictive calculations based on the fission and fusion reactions involved. Russian astrophysicist Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev evidently deduced the explanation due to his research into why the sun produced more energy than it should from fusion only, and did not release the level of neutrinos that it should if all energy output was due to fusion reactions. The Soviets mounted a campaign to publicly censor Dr. Kozyrev for some concocted political reason and took him out of public view. After the US had done its series of test the Soviets then came out and their H-bomb test had a yield that completely dwarfed the US H-bombs - by several factors. The Soviets had cracked the code as to what was going on - a component of the physics involved was adding to the yield factor and they figured out how to maximize that non nuclear contribution to the yield. It has nothing to do with fusion reactions but instead was due to torsion and resonance effect interacting with the vacuum medium (zero point energy flux field).

[This bit of forgotten history is covered in the first chapter of Joseph P. Farrell's and Scott D de Hart's book: The Grid Of The Gods]

The fission and fusion reactions were instrumental in driving the intense torsion effect as no nuclear implosion can be engineered to be perfectly symmetric - there will always be a slight asymmetry that induces torsion and an extreme vortex. The bottom line is that alternative physics of zero point energy and tapping it with torsion and resonance applied to the nuclei of atoms has been known since the early 50s, but has always been suppressed in the public arena.

Rossi's device uses induced resonance applied via RF energy (the atoms are also stimulated kinetically via concurrent heating - concurrent ultrasonic stimulation is another avenue, especially if the frequency is scaled relative to the RF frequency by deriving from same frequency generator circuit output). The nuclei of hydrogen can be resonantly stimulated at a little over 1 GHz (right at the cusp of cell phone frequency band - which means off the shelf chips, frequency generators, test equipment, etc.). Rossi's reaction involves the low energy fusion of a hydrogen proton with the nucleus of a nickel atom producing copper and gamma ray radiation. It's also believed he may be spicing the fuel mixture with some isotopes - which may somehow help initiate the reaction - that is his secret sauce. (If his nickle mixture has to concentrate certain isotopes of nickle, then that might be a bit of a cost factor - something that could be improved over time, though.)

Because this reaction produces gamma rays, it could also be designed to pump them into a lasing chamber and thus be a rather portable energy source for a high powered laser that's capable of continuous operation.

Posted: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 11:01:52 PM

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RogerV, thanks for keeping us up to date on cold fusion. I have always believed that it is just a matter of time before this effect is recognized as real.
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