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Flatness Problem: To call a spade a spade. Options
Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2012 9:29:28 PM

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Flatness Problem: To call a spade a spade.

There are many different spaces: 2 dimension space, 3D space,
4D, 5D . . . .. .10D, 11D . . . . maybe more.
There are also ‘ closed’ and ‘open’ spaces.
There are many topological spaces too.
Which space has the Universe as a whole?
Fact number one:
According to GRT a world without masses is flat.
Fact number two:
The average density of matter in the universe (even
incorporating a dark mass and dark energy ) is equal to
or less than critical density and therefore the universe
as a whole is a flat infinite continuum.
Fact number three:
The WMAP satellite showed that the universe as a whole is flat.

But the physicists refuse to admit this fact .
Why ?
Because they don’t know that to do with ‘ a flat infinite
continuum’. And they ‘ burned ‘ the real infinite flat
cosmological continuum ( using different abstract models )
to rid it of its infinite flatness.
And from Einstein’s time they discus about cosmological
constant that will close the flat- open Universe
into a close- sphere.

The Universe as a whole is an Infinite Flat Universe.
Only in some rare places the Infinite Flatness is breaked.

So, instead to say : ‘ It is fact: the Universe as a whole is flat,
they say: ‘To take the Universe as an infinite flat space - it is
impossible fact. There’s something wrong with the Universe. ‘
=== =..

How is possible to understand the Flatness ?
How is possible to understand the Infinite Flat Universe ?
What is possible to say about a cold Kelvin space T=0K ?

In 1854, . . . . Helmholtz realized that the laws of
thermodynamics could be applied to the universe as a whole,
meaning that everything around us, including the stars and
galaxies, would eventually have to run down.’
/ Book ‘ Parallel Worlds’ page 289 by Michio Kaku./

Flatness is a Vacuum.
Vacuum is an Empty space between billions and billions Galaxies.
Now (!) the physicists think (!) that the Universe as whole has
temperature: T= 2,7K . The parameter T=2,7K is not constant.
It is temporal and goes down. In the future it will come to T= 0K.

This cold Kelvin space T=0K has old physical - classical model
so-called ‘ model of an Ideal Gas’.
Now we think that model of ‘ Ideal Gas is an abstraction’,
but this abstraction suit very well to another ‘ abstraction ‘,
to ‘a cold zero Kelvin space.’
These two models have negative temperature, and
in these two models there are ‘abstract ideal – virtual particles’.
And to have real model is needed something to change in these
abstraction models .. . .. and this change can be only quantum.

Now, let us put an elemenrary particles in the cold Kelvin space:
T = 2,7K ---> 0K. Which geometrical form they can have ?
The answer is: ‘ They must be flat particles.’
Because according to Charle’s law and the consequence of the
third law of thermodynamics as the thermodynamic temperature
of a system approaches absolute zero the volume of particles
approaches zero too. It means the particles must have flat forms.
They must have geometrical form of a circle: pi= c /d =3,14 . . . .

All formulas, equations and laws of ‘ an Ideal Gas’
is possible to use to the Infinire Vacuum T=0K.
There isn’t thermodynamics without the ‘ Ideal gas’.
There isn’t thermodynamics of cosmos without the ‘ Ideal gas’.

All the best.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.

Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 9:20:41 PM

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Today physicists refuse to take vacuum T=0K as
a fundament of Universe. Book : ‘Dreams of a final theory’
by Steven Weinberg. Page 138.
‘ It is true . . . there is such a thing as absolute zero; we cannot
reach temperatures below absolute zero not because we are not
sufficiently clever but because temperatures below absolute zero
simple have no meaning.’
/ Steven Weinberg. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1979 /
My opinion.
It is true we cannot reach the zero temperature T=0K.
But just because we cannot reach this Vacuum’s
parameter, does it mean that it have no meaning?
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it,
does it make a sound?
If unseen virtual antiparticles can appear from vacuum (!)
( Vacuum’s fluctuations / transformation / polarization )
and we can observe them as a real particles doesn’t it mean
that vacuum itself is an Absolute Reference Frame which
has its own physical parameter – Absolute Zero: T=0K.
When the next revolution rocks physics,
chances are it will be about nothing—the vacuum,
that endless infinite void.
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.
Rational Inquirer
Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 12:26:22 AM
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Space can have only 3 dimensions. The extra dimensions would be describing a space invisible to us which would be totally in the imagination as it would be completely undefined and there would be no explanation of how it could exist and extra dimensions have no names and no quantities. As well, there are serious contradictions in descriptions of extra dimensions as they are said to be small (they have size, therefore volume, therefore 3 dimensions), are extended (have length), and are curled up (have shape, i.e., 3 dimensions). Spatial dimensions are measures of space so they cannot themselves have size nor shape and can't have anything in them. And physicists and cosmologists consider extra dimensions and parallel universes to be separate issues, which they are. But some like Clifford Pickover confuse them in his book Surfing Hyperspace: Undersatnding Higher Universes in 6 Easy Lessons, which is appropriately structured as fiction.

Some confuse spatial dimensions with directions and axes but they are neither directions nor axes--and a figure with 4 or more axes is still in 3-D. The so-called hyperspaces in "multidimentional" geometry are really in 2- or 3-D, including the hypercube-tessaract, which is just a combination of 2 cubes which can be folded out into a cruciate configuration of 8 cubes, all in 3-D, and the Coxeter graphs; and an ant on a cylinder, in the Brian Green example, is also in 3-D.

As well, hyperspace would encompass normal space, just as 3-D space encompasses 2-D space, so if hyperspace existed it wouldn't be small nor curled up and we would be able to see it. The reason that we can't see it is because our bodies (or any biological beings) can't exist in more than 3D any more than they can in less than 3D, not because, as some argue, we can't visualize them in our minds. In other words, the reason we can't see them is because they don't exist. It is sometimes also said that the reason we can't see extra dimensions is that they might act as if they're curled up at the subatomic level. How convenient. But, of course, space can't act like anything because it has no behaviour. Put another way, what scientists speak of when they talk about hyperspace and extra dimensions is contrary to nature and reality and makes no sense whatsoever. Philosopher A.N. Whitehead rightly refered to the 5th dimension as fiction (Singh, 1959, p. 302).

In the over 150 years since Bernhard Riemann's On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundation of Geometry in 1854 laid the mathematical foundations for the curvature of space, hyperspace, space warps, and space tunnels, there has been no empirical support at all for hyperspace, space warps, and space tunnels, which remain as purely mathematical and hypothetical constructs with no relation to the real world. Hyperspace is 1 of many obvious fallacys taken as gospel truth by orthodoxy

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
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