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Brian Whitworth

Brian Whitworth

Brian Whitworth has degrees in psychology, math, and information systems (PhD).  He is currently a senior lecturer in Information Systems at Massey University of the University of New Zealand.  His research and publications over the years has centered around the overlap of technical and social issues, such as online rights, social online environments, and the comparison of human and computer information processing.


However, it was a set of papers that Whitworth wrote that demonstrated his thoughtful point of view about the nature of reality.  In 2007, he published “The Physical World as a Virtual Reality,” in which he makes a number of arguments that the world is virtual given the number of anomalies that can be explained by such a reality. 



For example, the prime mover problem of the big bang is resolved by the “boot up” process of a virtual reality (VR).  There appears to be a maximum processing rate that might explain the speed of light limitation.  The quantum mechanical principle of discrete space time certainly has an analogy in computational systems.  Information conservation, algorithmic simplicity, non-local effect, complimentary uncertainty, and digital equivalence are all supported by a VR model.  Whitworth’s 2010 paper “The emergence of the physical world from information processing”, published in Quantum Biosystems, expands on some of these ideas and introduces some new arguments for the simulation model.


He introduces a number of VR models, but states no opinion on which one he supports.  In general, the VR model allows an external consciousness to control the “player” in the simulation.  Hence, consciousness is a key component to the function of our apparent reality, without necessarily being the fundamental building block of reality, as per Tom Campbell’s model.  However, it is not a deterministic digital reality, per Konrad Zuse and Ed Fredkin, as it allows for the external consciousness to provide the free will to observe and influence the flow of the virtual reality.


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