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“Fascinating...I'll be thinking about this for awhile.”

- Ian Punnett, Coast to Coast AM


“We have recently been inundated by a spate of books on the 'science-religion' controversy. They all confuse science with reductionist materialism and religion with fundamentalism. Elvidge's book is one of the notable exceptions. Unfortunately, none of the exceptions are receiving the attention of the rich publishers or the mainstream media. This is all in keeping with the modern cultural trend towards oversimplification of every issue. My hope is that this book will reverse the trend.”

- Ranan Banerji, Ph.D. Physics, author of “Society, Scientists and the Spirit


"This, folks, is exciting, leading edge thinking, and I highly recommend you go to Elvidge's website, for more information and to order the book. If you want a glimpse of what might actually be going on in our so-called "reality", you can't do any better. I think it will, to say the least, astound you as it did me, and open your mind to a whole new insight worthy of your further investigation."

- Alan S. Glasman


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Book - The Universe - Solved

"The book includes a comprehensive collection of theories of reality. They are well presented and summarized in terms that are accessible to the physics layperson, without the mind-numbing equations that can get the reader bogged down in math. The book is a pleasure to read, with enough humor and personality to remain entertaining from cover to cover. I finished it in three days"

- Ken Meyering


"Excellent read. Great gift for those who like to think that there is more beyond what we see (or think we see). Mr. Elvidge is great at taking information from many disciplines and triangulating it against possibilities to give you something to _really_ think about. The writing style makes it an easy read - highly recommended."

- Willard Robinson


"FINALLY, a book that will do more than just pose questions and present hypotheses! All that is needed to digest this fine melange of the scientific and metaphysical is an open mind. Elvidge presents his own mix in grand style building upon and crumbling to pieces the time-worn yawns of "why are we here" and "is there more than this". He draws from every angle of the the "known"- from Hollywood and dreams to particle physics and nanotechnology to the cosmos; all laid upon a finely diced bed of humor and pop-culture reference- for a mind-expanding, door-opening, myth-blasting journey that puts words to that "niggling sensation" of our own concepts of reality. Some if it may be a bit disconcerting or just a bit humbling but this book is sure to make a huge impact on many fronts. It is a must-read for anyone who has ever posed the question of existence."

- K. Hughes


"Really enjoyed it! It was a mind opening experience. Coming from a religious and skeptical stand-point, it opened me up to a different way of looking at things. All in all, awesome read. Anyone can pick up this book and get something different out of it."

- Reneldy Senat